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Rumors flying around Hollywood today are bound to further complicate every woman on the planet's relationship with Ryan Gosling. Time to hit the ice-cream gals, for Eva Mendes is apparently pregnant with their second child.

The couple, who met while shooting The Place Beyond The Pines welcomed their first child, daughter Esmeralda, in 2014 - and although they've yet to share a photo of her, it doesn't take a genius to imagine how genetically blessed this little human undoubtably is.

Gosling & Mendes in 'The Place Beyond The Pines'
Gosling & Mendes in 'The Place Beyond The Pines'

'Confirmed' by US Weekly, Mendes, 41, was spotted concealing her baby bump during a shoot in LA this February - speculation which is assumedly fanned by her announcement back in October that the actress plans to take a break from Hollywood to focus on family.

If the rumors are true, we are, of course, over the moon for the couple.

Just going to go watch 'The Notebook' and weep now, brb.

Source: US Weekly


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