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Lupita Nyong’o might be an actress in high demand these days, but that doesn't stop her from getting involved in all sorts of fandom.

In particular, The Jungle Book star spoke to Variety about watching close friend Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead. However, before you assume she's throwing her opinions of the recent season finale right, left and center, take note that she's only talking about the show because it appears she has absolutely no idea what's going on.

Danai Gurira in 'The Walking Dead'
Danai Gurira in 'The Walking Dead'

When asked if she had seen her pal Danai in action, Lupita said she's never actually owned a TV! And it gets better, according to Gurira, Nyong’o can’t even get her character’s name right. She said:

“It’s actually very refreshing — she calls me Michonne-y. She’s like, ‘In Facebook they keep calling you Richonne.’”

Here's the Star Wars actress talking exclusively on camera:

Ah Lupita, you have so much to learn!

And when she's not out and about chatting about how little she knows about The Walking Dead, the lovely actress can currently be seen in play Eclipsed on Broadway, which Gurira coincidentally wrote. Speaking of the experience, she said:

“This has been a godsend of a production because of the level of love and respect in the room. We genuinely like each other, which helps. This is the kind of play where you need a sisterhood.”

What's your favorite Lupita Nyong’o role?



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