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Varia Fedko-Blake

What's better than one Justin Bieber? Two, of course!

A new heartthrob is well on his way to becoming a new teenage singing sensation and he hails from none other but from the exquisitely attractive brood of Beckhams.

David and Victoria's youngest son Cruz is stepping up his game by taking after his Spice Girls mom and showing off his sensational vocals on various Instagram accounts. Don't believe me? Check him out belting out Twista and Faith Evan's 'Hopeful':

Naturally, the proud mama was right to share Cruz's rendition with the world because, let's face it -- it's pretty good.

And since having re-watched the short clip numerous times, you can't deny that Cruz definitely bears a close resemblance to a Baby-era Biebz:

I expect great things from this little fella!

Could Cruz be the next JB?



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