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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 returned to the news this week as its very first DLC has been released, and with it comes one very, very racy piece of swimwear. As well as amendments to the game's interface of course.

The game came under fire late last year after concerns over the game's blatant objectification of women, and was even banned from sale in the west. But naturally that won't stop news of the game's eye-watering new bathing suits gathering steam.

The DLC, which will be a limited release over two packs and has bikinis that come in 9 different colors that include:

Hamaguri (Clam)

Whirlwind & Peanuts

and lastly, the NSFW


Which looks as if it was based upon Shibari, which is the Japanese art of rope bondage.

Here's a... more involved look at the piece:

And when I say that the suit leaves little to the imagination, I wasn't exaggerating. Oh no:

Also, here are the changes the new pack will bring to the game's interface:

  • Added an Information Banner display to the pool at the hotel.
  • Added a “Special” section to the Owner Shop that features limited time items.
  • Added icons to denote which items does the girl you are currently controlling “Like” when viewing the Belongings screen.
  • The girl-specific swimsuits icon will be displayed at both the Shop screen and the Belongings screen.
  • Sunscreen and Suntan Lotion given as gifts to the girl you are currently controlling will not be immediately used but remain in the Belongings screen.
  • Bonus Zack Dollars awarded during the Vacation Result screen will increase along with your Owner Level.

So yeah, that leaves fans of the new game something to look forward to!

Have you got a copy of Xtreme 3?

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