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It was the news all you mech heads were waiting for, Titanfall 2 is not only a thing but it seems to be well into production.

The new teaser trailer released earlier this week was short but very sweet - if you know what to look for. At first glance, the teaser is nothing more than that, a teaser. However, the video did contain a number of potentially key game plot hooks. The instructions are – ignore the narrative overlay – that gives us nothing and listen to me – simple.

Here’s what you might have missed. *Some Minor Titanfall Spoilers*

1. That lifeboat

The lifeboat that crashes down at the beginning of the clip has the name James Macallen written on the outer shell - James MacAllan is one of the most highly decorated soldiers of the Titan Wars.

Some fifteen years before the events of Titanfall, MacAllan was stationed aboard the Odyssey as the executive officer. MacAllan apparently became unhappy with his involvement in the IMC’s peacekeeping missions as he saw them as more hostile than passive. The missions became more and more oppressive toward the people MacAllan swore to protect. MacAllan later led a mutiny aboard the ship – they took control and hide within the uncharted regions of the Frontier.

He is also one of the lead characters in the original Titanfall. Without going into too much detail, MacAllan is seen to embody his true hero status in Titanfall when he gives up his own life to save his people.

The point I am making here is that he is dead – no chance of seeing him in the sequel – unless Titanfall 2 turns out to be a prequel. It could of course also be a flashback scene as this event pictured in the teaser could only have taken place back when MacAllan was the executive officer on the Odyssey.

2. The introduction of a new Titan

As the teaser continues we see the left leg of a Titan stomp into the frame. This Titan has the same dog leg build as the Stryder – the recon class of Titan in the original. This particular Titan, however, looks to have a little more armour adorning its appendage.

The reason I say recon is that this ties in perfectly to the current Stryder model design and the Titan in question has been sent to investigate the crashed lifeboat. So, It looks like we will be getting an all new recon Titan in Titanfall 2.

3. A new militia group

Adorning the armour on the leg of the new Titan there is an unfamiliar symbol. It looks to be a logo or branding of whatever group it belongs. There are many technological groups in Titanfall however, I don’t think that this Titan belongs to any IMC funded company or similar. This is likely to be the point of first contact that MacAllan made when crash-landing back to earth following the mutiny.

This group are likely to be the catalyst to James MacAllans uprising – exciting times!

4. The sword gives us a reveal date?

Yes, there is a sword – and that rocks! Let’s look a little closer, though. Written on the sword are a few clues that could give us a few hints into game details.

The larger inscription reads ‘EHR Titanium Series’ – this could be either a new tech company or, it could be a new class of Titan. Next to this is a smaller line of text that contains the lettering ‘MOB1316’, many speculate that this is representative of the fact that Titanfall 2 will have a multiplayer open beta and it will be between the 13 – 16 of a currently unknown month.

Doesn’t the EA Play conference start on June 13? This could be where we get our first look at Titanfall 2. The sword also has the letters PS4, XB1 and PC concealed in the serial number which could point to the platform release choices.

This is all speculation at this point but it does seem to lend us a further degree of semblance to the short Titanfall 2 teaser trailer.

Have you got a theory? What do you want to see in Titanfall 2?


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