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Nintendo, the godfather of the industry, has been making games since before many of us could even walk. A company with such a rich and storied history must also have its fair share of little known secrets. Here are 7 tidbits of Nintendo trivia not many gamers know...

7. Mario can jump 27 feet into the air

That's right, Nintendo's iconic mascot can jump higher than Michael Jordan and LeBron James combined when measured according to the pixel-scale of the Super Mario Bros universe. Not too shabby for a plumber!

6. A young Paul Rudd appeared in an early Nintendo commercial

Long before he became Marvel's miniature hero Ant-Man, Rudd starred in a vintage SNES commercial from the '90s. You can check out the actor pulling some rather peculiar 'gamer' faces below:

5. Nintendo started life making playing cards

Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai in 1889 and started manufacturing hanafuda, Japanese playing cards. They were the first company to produce plastic-coated cards in Japan, licensing Disney properties to print their famous characters on the backs. It was many years later until they eventually expanded into the electronic games market, where they continue to dominate today.

4. The NES Zapper design was changed after looking too much like a revolver

The Japanese Zapper, designed for the Famicom, was altered for the American market after US federal regulations declared that it bore too close a resemblance to a real gun.

Recently, a Texan manufacturer stirred up controversy after crafting a handgun that looked dangerously similar to the Nintendo peripheral.

You can read more about it below:

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3. The N64 Logo has exactly 64 sides and 64 vertices

Those clever folks at Nintendo just couldn't resist building this awesome little easter egg into their 3D logo.

2. The Game Boy was invented by one of Nintendo's factory workers

Gunpei Yokoi was fairly low-level maintenance worker stationed on an assembly line in Nintendo's factory. The company's president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, was visiting the factory when he noticed a homemade toy Yokoi had developed. He was soon moved to the design team where he created the legendary Game Boy.

1. Super Mario Kart once featured drinking and driving

In the original version of the game Nintendo's characters would open and start downing a bottle of champagne to celebrate a victory. When the US team saw the animation they raised the concern that it would inspire drink driving an hastily took out the booze.

What's your favorite piece of Nintendo trivia?


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