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So killed of the only thing tying the show to its comic book roots. That sucks, but to be honest honest the show had been losing steam from Season 2 and just couldn't quite comeback. So maybe it's a good thing that Arrow killed Black Canary. Maybe it's time for her to have her own show.


Anyone who learned about BC from the show may think that she was just another Green Arrow character (though she was actually introduced in Flash comics way back in 1947), but comic book fans truly know her importance. Apart from Wonder Woman she was often second in command of the Justice League women (though in the Animated Justice League cartoons this mantel belonged to the Hawkgirl) and in The Justice Society of America. She was the main member of a trifecta of female superheroes : The Birds of Prey. She was also in charge of training the young in the popular cartoon series Young Justice, serving as a mentor. She fought alongside the Batman in his "Batman: the Brave and The Bold" comic and cartoon series.

Arrow's version was weak and spineless compared to the Canary from the comics, who had several superhero origin stories, such as the New 52 version in which she is tested positive for the metahuman gene and unleashes her voice (The Canary Cry) at the shooting of her husband. She consequently rises and becomes a masked vigilante who protects the people. Interesting fact: Black Canary was also a singer in the Post Convergence DC Comicbooks in the group called the Black Canary. Their EP entitled 'EP1' released this year and is voiced by Michelle Bensimon. Black Canary's worked with Katana, been widowed (more than once), become a metahuman, been depicted as an African American woman, joined the Suicide Squad and Team 7 as well as various JL Societies. See what I'm talking about! The possibilities are endless in what they can do with her.

Not only is her story gripping but with a few tweaks here and there it could also be very reality based. Marvels Jessica Jones is a fine example of a dark superpowered character done justice and perhaps DC can take a leaf out of their book in establishing her as a proper comic book character.

After I found about Laurel Lances death on Arrow my first reaction was to look up "Black Canary spin off" and while I didn't find much leads I did find the CW network president Mark Pedowitz talking about the possibility of a female led superhero show:

“At this moment, no,” Pedowitz said when asked if there is a female superhero show in the works. “But at this moment last year, ‘Legends’ didn’t really exist. Time will take its toll. There will be a moment in time. I don’t know when it’s going to come. But when Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim say, ‘We think it’s time,’ we’re going to give them an opportunity to do that.'”

When I heard of Black Siren's cameo in Flash I was further compelled to believe that maybe the Arrow writers plan to start a Black Siren or canary show but some of Cassidy's recent comments don't bear well for my theory. Nonetheless, I still hope that the Dc tvverse or the movie universe, will not let such precious a character go to waste.


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