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Have you ever watched that fight between Morpheus and an Agent on top of a truck in The Matrix Reloaded and thought "man, I'd love to know what shuffling about on top of a truck in motion would feel like,' then this game may be exactly for you.

ClusterTruck, from indie devs Landfall Games, puts you in the shoes of a daredevil truck hopper who is trying to escape death by skipping from truck to truck as they career into each other, and sometimes rain down from the sky like some kind of vehicular monsoon.


Most aptly you have the ability to bend time to your whim, which will most definitely help with nailing landings, and you jump really, really far too. This game is simply insane, and will have give you Spider-Man like reflexes in no time.

Have a look for yourself:

Here are some more shots of the game for your eyes:

ClusterTruck will be releasing in September on Mac, Windows & Linux. It will also be coming to PS4 at some point in the future. But if you can't wait for that, get over here to grab the Windows alpha build.

(Sources: Landfall Games, Official Nerd Cubed/YouTube)


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