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'Batman: The Killing Joke' All Updates Till Now- Officially Rated R, Extra 15 mins of original prologue to set up the story, Premier on San-Diego Coimc-con this July and DVD release later this year after that.


If you were worried about the animated movie adaptation of ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ being rated PG-13. I’ve got some good news for you.

‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ animated movie has officially received an R rating and is now the first DC Universe animated movie to receive an R rating. Overall it’s the second DC movie to receive an R rating after ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ which is getting an extended R rated release soon.

‘The Killing Joke’ probably has the highest amount of adult content among all the Batman comics. And by no means could it be depicted honestly or comic accurately with a PG-13 rating or something like that.

Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation & Warner Digital Series said-

“From the start of production, we encouraged producer Bruce Timm and our team at Warner Bros. Animation to remain faithful to the original story — regardless of the eventual MPAA rating,”

“’The Killing Joke’ is revered by the fans, particularly for its blunt, often-shocking adult themes and situations. We felt it was our responsibility to present our core audience — the comics-loving community — with an animated film that authentically represented the tale they know all too well.”

So as of now there are no plans to make a PG-13 rating version. But depending upon the performance and other elements they might end up giving a PG-13 release too. However, this is not the first time they making an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. They had a similar plan at 2009 and in-fact started the project which continued for 2 weeks. And it was later canceled because they were not satisfied with how R rated 'Watchman' performed at the box office and thought it wouldn’t really be a good idea to release another R rated film at that moment.

But, now at 2016 they finally decided to release R rated 'Batman: The Killing Joke' inspired by the recent success Deadpool got.

We have more reasons to be excited about this because Batman: The Animated Series stars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, portraying their iconic roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively. In-fact the first Image of this movie was tweeted by Mark Hamill which got a lot of hype.


Written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, Batman: The Killing Joke was published in 1988 and is arguably the best comic book story of all time. The one shot graphic novel has the most definitive and critically successful origin story of The Joker. Barbara Gordon- Batgirl becomes Joker’s ultimate victim as he captures and tortures her in attempt of giving Commissioner Gordon that one very special bad day..That one bad day that can turn the sanest man insane. According to some it crossed the line. However, the Joker torturing Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon is considered crossing the line extreme by some people. It shows Gordon stripped and mutilated, with before, during, and after photos of the attack displayed before her bound and gagged father, the police commissioner. She is more than merely disabled.

Peeling back the deranged layers of the Joker’s twisted psyche, Moore succeeded in rationalizing how the senseless nature of the world could turn a seemingly normal man into a homicidal super villain. ‘The Killing Joke’ also has some of the finest Batman and Joker quotes and a treat for all the hardcore Joker fans as we see how true Joker’s philosophies can turn out to be from time to time. The comic presents Joker as a tragic character and shows the process of how the nature turned him into what he is. Heath Ledger’s performance as Joker was also inspired by ‘ The Killing Joke’ .

More reason to look forward to this is It will also feature an original 15-minute prologue that helps set up the story. That is even the long time fans have something new to check out.

Anyways ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ will premiere in the san-Diego comic-con this July with a Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD release soon after that.

What’s your take on all this?

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