ByJonah Olson, writer at

Okay, so in my last post I mentioned that I was not gonna get rid of Netflix, but as of recent news, Netflix has said that starting in May of 2016, ALL members must pay $9.99. Two years ago, when they raised their prices to new members, people that already had a Netflix account were paying $7.99 a month and those that already had an account will not have to pay the higher raise. They were grandfathered in the clause. I know it's only an extra $2.00 a month, but when you do the math, $2.00 times 12 months is $24.00 a year. When you look at the math of it all, currently You might be paying $95.88 a year on Netflix (If you're pay the $7.99.) And with the new price of $9.99 raise, you will be paying $119.88.

But that's not all Netflix has different payment plans of what type of service you prefer to use. And after I have talked to a few people, the popular plan they use is the $11.99 plan that adds Ultra HD. So $1.99 times 12 months is $143.88.

I might keep my plan with Netflix or I might cancel and save that $95.88 a year. I'm not sure. I'm am searching of a cheaper service.


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