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You guessed it, this article is all about the world’s craziest, most insane things that people have created within the incredibly diverse world of Minecraft. Minecraft has become a medium for the creative to excel. In a world of infinite pixelated possibility, the imaginative mind becomes a font of unlimited opportunity.

Minecraft has seen a major increase in the complexity of the things created within it – with some of the world’s most insane multifaceted items being recreated within the world of Minecraft we thought we would shine some much-deserved light on these mind-blowing creators and creations.

Our weekly pick

These wacky, weird and wonderful creations were all completed and published between April 9-15, 2016 – we’re thinking about making this a weekly thing. What do you guys think?

Anyway, let’s get straight into it.

5. A working Laptop

Reddit user MrCrayFish is currently developing an actual working laptop within the world of Minecraft. I am not going to go into the details of how any of this is actually possible – I play games I know very little how they are made. Which is why I have absolute respect for talented developers like MrCrayfish and the many others around the world – without them we would all have to go outside and climb trees and stuff, eurgh.

MrCrayfish has stated that “It's not a real OS, it can't be run separately. It built upon Minecraft's code, written in Java. I have access to methods such as render(), onTick(), onKeyPress(), onMouseClick() and from that I'm able to build a mock OS.”

Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to see how this develops.

4. Minecraft as seen from space

Sheirtzler18 has created a high-resolution image of the world of Minecraft as if it were seen from space. A difficult task but this talented user has nailed it.

Difficulties come when trying to render things like the atmosphere and coastal lines – simply blurring the pixels is not enough when recreating 4K images. Again, I am not able to say how it is done but I appreciate the beautiful result!

3. First look: The Lego Minecraft village

First, look at the complete Minecraft village complete with four mini figures and many an unscrupulous character including the creeper and Iron Golem. The set is comprised of 1600 pieces and will become available for purchase on June 1.

Will you be getting involved in the lego world of Minecraft?

2. Railway forest tunnel

Inspired by the real world tunnel of love this talented Minecraft user has built a stunning woodland tunnel for a custom train track to chug through. It is a beautiful looking creation and must have taken a fair chunk of time to complete.

Marsephel states that aside from being a Minecraft addict he is a train enthusiast so putting this scene together was a work of passion.

1. Village the Redemeer

He died for your emeralds. Reddit user blastoiseaux has recreated one of the world’s most iconic statues. Christ the Redeemer or Village the Redeemer as he has called stands proudly over what I would imagine to be the Minecraft version of Rio de Genaro.

This is not only clever but slick. The build is genuinely nice to look at – everything from the scenery to the statue looks beautiful. Stellar work!

That is the end of this week’s round up – stay tuned for more epic creations coming from within the Minecraft community.

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Source: Reddit


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