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Persona, where are you? It's been a long time since Atlus officially updated its fanbase on the development process of one of the most anticipated JRPGs in years. The release date for Persona 5 was announced as delayed in September of last year and this marks the last time any Atlus representative has put a timeframe next to this sequel.

If we're lucky, Persona 5 will indeed release for PS3 and PS4 over the course of 2016 (perhaps E3 will have some concrete information), but what will it really be like to play it? This appears to be an enormous and revolutionary JRPG in the context of the series. But if these fan requests were granted for Persona 5's release date, we'd be looking at something quite remarkable.

'Persona 5' - Fans Dream Of A Remarkable JRPG

Persona 5
Persona 5

All of these gameplay and narrative features stem from conversations on the Persona 5 reddit page. Be sure to head on over there to interact with the fanbase of this beloved JRPG franchise.

Social Links

One of the reasons why the Persona series has attracted so much attention is due to how it handles social interactions between yourself and the characters around you. Introduced in Persona 3, the social links that we create throughout our campaign are fundamental to the enjoyment of these games. But fans want to see them expanded upon.

For instance, if you become romantically involved with someone in Persona 3, when you wake up the next day they speak to you as if you're a new member of the dorm. Harsh. We'd love to see interactions and conversations that completely change depending on our decisions. We could even see other characters react to our new relationship - perhaps some would react with jealousy, praise, or embarrassment. It would bring the world to life and make us feel as if we're a small part of a living, breathing world. Think of the replay-ability!


Here are some of the smaller developments fans have expressed an interest in:

  • More Individuality Among Characters - One of Persona 3's greatest strengths was how your teammates exhibited a form of individuality and personality in battle. Persona 4 made your team an extension of yourself, but fans have asked for more variety when it comes to autonomous teammates. We want to be able to place trust in those that join us in the dungeons.
  • Diversity - Fans are hoping that Persona 5 will allow us to become romantically involved with both male and female characters throughout the campaign. These games haven't exactly been progressive when it comes to sexuality in the past, but perhaps the latest installment will change that.
  • Learn From 'Catherine' - One of my favorite games of the past decade was the sleeper hit, Catherine. It's a spectacularly unique video game and I often find myself returning to its story and innovative puzzles. But fans have desired to see Persona 5 adopt a system similar to how The Stray Sheep worked in Catherine. We could get up, walk around, talk with characters, play video games, send detailed texts. All of this would greatly improve Persona 5's appeal.
  • More Extras - Fans want to be able to simply live and enjoy themselves in Persona 5's environments. They desire small quests that simply allow you to get closer to a character, have a bit of fun, or simply pass the time however you see fit. More freedom to simply kick back and enjoy the flow of life. Some of the games in the past saw us have days with nothing to do. Persona 5 needs to supply us with tons of alternatives to simply following the narrative.
Persona 5
Persona 5

It's clear that fans want Persona 5 to borrow from other RPGs and allow us a greater deal of autonomy. We want to be able to engage in arcade games for as long as we like, chat to random NPCs, text our friends and crushes and simply walk around the city. They desire stronger bonds with their friends and lovers which impact on the rest of the game, more diversity, and a greater sense of individuality.

This sounds like a remarkable JRPG. When it comes to gameplay, we're sure that Atlus will take great care of the game's combat systems. But can they dazzle us in every other department with the release date of Persona 5?

What do you want from 'Persona 5'?


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