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This week, MCP Network released the new trailer for Off The Grid and it's VERY INTENSE!

Off The Grid Trailer Review:
Malcolm Carter Productions & Final Line Entertainment is hitting out of the park once again with the short film "Off The Grid". Four adults wake up in the middle of the night without any knowledge of how and when they were placed there. The new trailer shows what most fans want...suspense. The tension the trailer builds, it's something not anyone can handle. Not much is given away, but enough to intrigue you...enough to keep you anxious while you wait for it's arrival. Don't be sad, Off The Grid will be released right before you know it.

Not only were we brought a new trailer, but a brand new poster.....well a total of three posters that are pretty cool for this film. The poster gives off a vibe of a battle between the four individuals. The other posters gives off a Captain American and Star Trek pose that makes you wonder whether the film will bring its A game. Who doesn't love a battle in a movie? The characters seem to bring on the challenges for one another too, but we will see how it really goes down this summer in June. That's right, Off The Grid is releasing on MCP Network YouTube Channel in June. The previous date was May 31st, but it was pushed for a later time due to it still being in production heading into post-production.

Off The Grid Poster
Off The Grid Poster

The writers of Off The Grid might have something new on their hand, but will this show how much skills they have. This is the writers first short film for 2016 so will this open doors for them or increase the fan base, we'll see how it all plays out. MCP Network is expanding with their productions with drama, mystery and suspense films. There's not much hype about the film like it should be, suspense and drama? Who doesn't love those two genres in one?! Make sure to watch the new trailer and leave a comment under the video about what you think of it. I'm sure they want to know what the audience are thinking after watching the trailer.


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