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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

I've always assumed Crash Bandicoot to be slightly insane -- that maniacal grin, those crazed eyes, his constant willingness to hop on the back of a wild hog -- but never have I considered him to be deeply psychologically disturbed. The Onion’s Clickhole, however, suggest just that in their latest leg-pulling video.

Naughty Dog's PS1 platforming classic is, apparently, "an unflinchingly honest portrayal of the hardships and demons many of our troops must face after returning from combat." The explanation being...

He appears skittish and paranoid

I've never met a bandicoot who hasn't, if I'm honest.

He struggles with substance abuse

Namely, his addiction to Wumpa fruit.

We wanders the jungle shirtless a cartoon Colonel Kurtz.

Still not convinced? Check out the video below:

Would the games be better if this theory was true?


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