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Last year's Jurassic World was a near perfect addition to Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur legacy and had just the right number of nods to the Richard Hammond era of Isla Nublar. However, one thing was noticeably absent, docking points from Jurassic World as the best dinosaur movie ever (move over The Flintstones): the bare naked chest of Jeff Goldblum!

Sure, we had B.D. Wong back as the semi-corrupt Dr. Henry Wu, but the lack of Sam Neil AND Jeff Goldblum was a bitter disappointment to fans of the original films. Well, grab your trowels, kids, because it looks like Dr. Ian Malcolm could be dug up for the franchise's fifth roam around the park.

In a recent interview with Fandango, Goldblum said that he could return to the iconic role for future installments of the series. Take it with a pinch of salt though — it was a typically Goldblum answer:

"I’m nothing if not open. I’m like an open-faced sandwich. My door is not always open — I took the door off. I removed the hinges from the door. I’m too open. I’m like a chicken piccata. What was I about to say? Oh yes, the two [Jurassic] movies I did with them were plenty. If I never did anything more, I’d certainly be well satisfied."

When we last left Dr. Malcolm, he was happily snoozing away on his sofa with Julianne Moore, after the exhausting events of Jurassic Park II: The Lost World. There was a mention, but no sightings, of the Chaos Theory mathematician in the following two films, but we doubt that Ian gave up his high adrenaline lifestyle for good. Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a Dr. Malcolm shaped Easter Egg in Jurassic World: Assistant Kate (R.I.P.) is spotted reading Malcolm's book, God Creates Dinosaurs, on the monorail. Clearly a gripping read, the popular novel also appears on a desk in the command control room for a further name check. Let's be honest though, a picture of the face is just no substitute for the man himself.

Goldblum is no stranger to lengthy waits for sequels; this year he will reprise his role as David Levinson in alien shoot-em-up Independence Day: Resurgence. Whether he really does return to Jurassic Park remains to be seen, as the sequel to Jurassic World isn't scheduled to release until 2018. There is no news other than that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise their roles, while Colin Trevorrow won't be returning to direct. The JW director is being whisked off to a galaxy far, far away for Star Wars: Episode IX. In his absence, someone should call the studios and tell them to get Goldblum down now!


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