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The first trailer for Doctor Strange recently hit the web and fans are thrilled, well most of us are. Everyone was aware that this film was going to take a different tone from something we would expect from Marvel and it's definitely proved so. We can already see the dark themes and mystical, magical traits all coming together. If you haven't actually had the time to catch up and watch it, I suggest you do so.

Now this trailer was actually a teaser so it shouldn't be treated like a trailer but there was just so many awesome things and bits which made it feel like a trailer. In honor of the trailer being so great, let's take a look at the top five moments from the trailer.

1. An origin straight out of the comics

We all know when it comes to superhero origin movies, the studios always try to stay really faithful to the source material, but often tweaks and new spins are made to it but it looks Doctor Strange will have his origin story straight out the comics.

For those unsure what his origin, I'll quickly sum it up in the brief summary. Stephen Strange is an egotistical surgeon who somewhat of a jerk. His success as a surgeon has been considered because of his hands, but when one day he drives in his sports car to a stock manager hopping this could make him more, rich, he slips off a cliff and then he's left with a body broken.

Due to nerve damage in his hand, he had to say goodbye to his career as a surgeon. So he spent his money all on operations, which failed and tried to find ways to fix what the accident has broken. Stephen comes to a point where he has given up until he overheard a conversation being spoken about a healer known as The Ancient One.

He then goes and spends the last of what he has to a trip to search for this legendary healer. To be quick and not keep you here all day, he finds it, but with difficulty and struggles, The Ancient One makes Strange his student and teaches him the ways of the mystic arts for him soon to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

2. The mirror scenes

This should of been noticeable for must. In the teaser there were a lot of mirror scenes which was very effective. Just think of it as a before and after. It really shows just how much pain and suffering Stephen has gone through.

From a life of luxury to a body of broken bones and a career that he can no longer have. The mirror scenes help reflect on to past and present tense and I mean wasn't awesome? I've said it already, but I'll say it again, these scenes were incredibly put together.

3. The Ancient One making her appearance

According to the internet, Tilda Swinton, bold may of gave us mini strokes. Everyone was expecting this character to make a debut because The Ancient One does play a large role in Doctor Strange's origin.

It was fantastic to see the character actually in the trailer and a lot of what was shown in the trailer was her speaking or just stills of her. But it looks like a lot of people aren't happy with this choice of The Ancient One. For those who don't know The Ancient One is a Tibetan man and people are really annoyed they whitewashed this particular choice of casting.

4. When his soul was literally separated from his body

Now trying to bring one of his famous powers onto the big screen was probably a challenge, but they have done it amazingly. One of Strange's first power is astral projection. This was one of his earliest abilities and in the trailer we see The Ancient One teaching him.

This power of his was used to spy on enemies and hopefully we will see him use it more in the movie, maybe to spy on Mads Mikkelsen character. Whatever your thoughts are on this ability of his there is no doubt they have nailed the visuals for this.

5. When it felt like the sequel to Inception

I definitely know I'm not the only one who felt a lot of Inception vibes coming of this scene which I thought were pretty cool. It's clear some inspiration was taken from Inception, but some people have gone as far to comparing the movies.

We were promised a mind-bending, insane and crazy film with different dimensions and this could be just a teaser of what is yet to come. Now I'm not one who usually go's to watch a movie in 3D but Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, definitely has me convinced to go watch Doctor Strange in 3D. This is what he had to say in a recent interview with Collider:

"Yes, as a matter of fact. We were in VFX reviews the other day, one of the first ones for that movie — we just wrapped, we finished in New York…we did one of the first reviews and it was pretty exciting. It was pretty cool in terms of how 3D can serve that story. You know, sometimes 3D is a tool, like it is in Civil War, a tool of –another toy in the sandbox of how the Russos (Joe and Anthony) can present this movie, then there are times like what Disney is putting out with The Jungle Book –it’s certainly gonna be the case with Doctor Strange– that it serves the storytelling, that it advances the storytelling. And hopefully, it helps bend people’s minds even more than with just the flat screen."

Convinced yet?

6. The all beautiful Cloak of Levitation

When we found out that Doctor Strange will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we all expected a strange red cape. Of course it was received and we've seen a couple of images with Benedict Cumberbatch in the costume actually showing some of the cloak.

For those wondering why I put this in the top moments is because seeing the cloak was glorious and plays such a big part of his costume. I mean, did you know the cloak gives the power of levitation. It also protects him from attacks that are mystical or physical.

This was easily one of my favorite shots from the trailer. When he's walking we even see some of the Sanctum Sanctorum in this shot. Wasn't magical? If only there was a money-shot in the trailer with him in the full costume but I'm sure they'll be a lot in the trailers yet to come.

Doctor Strange still remains to be my most anticipated movie of the year and I can't wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a cape, I mean I can't wait to see how mind-bending this movie.

We won't see this crazy film until November, a pretty long wait, but while you're\e waiting for it, there's an enjoyable lineup of films to feed your superhero cravings like Capitan America: Civil War to Suicide Squad and so many more!

Doctor Strange will bend our minds on November 4, 2016.


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