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The Crypt Keeper is back in action after years of lying dormant, spinning yarns that will chill you to your core and make you sleep with one eye open. M. Night Shyamalan's new take on Tales From the Crypt has been given a 10-episode order from TNT, according to The Wrap.

Shyamalan is executive producing a new block of horror programming at the network, which also includes the shows Time of Death and Creatures.

Time of Death is like 24 but with a horror angle, with one season progressing hour-by-hour through one hellish night of a serial killer enacting revenge on his hometown. The show is planned as an anthology series, with each season exploring different horror sub-genres and new characters.

Creatures takes influence from the "Slender Man" case from a few years back and features two girls who have recently been released from a mental institution after trying to murder a classmate 15 years earlier, at the will of a seemingly made-up internet bogeyman.

Shayamalan had this to say:

"Iā€™m really thrilled about the way this horror block is coming together with the addition of Time of Death and Creatures. That such a beloved property like Tales From the Crypt is launching our evening makes it an even more unique and exciting opportunity. Across the board, the level of talent has been very inspiring."

TNT's horror block, including the revamped Tales From the Crypt, will premiere in 2017.

(Source: The Wrap)


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