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Have you ever watched something that stopped you dead in your tracks and had you scratching your head asking yourself, "WTF did I just watch?" Every so often writers, producers, whoever, decided to add scenes that force us to question their motifs. Were they serious in their attempts to entertain us? Were they just toying with us? Regardless, these are the moments that made us all feel slightly uncomfortable. These are the very worst of those moments in comic book cinema history. They couldn't have been serious with this stuff. Could they have?

Daredevil (2003) - We all know by now that this movie was bad and easily ranks as one of the worst comic book films ever created. Scene after scene of pain and misery filled every corner of this film destroying any heroic depiction we may have had of Daredevil (until the TV series saved this poor soul). However, there is one scene that stands above the rest, a scene so awful just talking about it brings back every reason I was mortified at the announcement of Ben Affleck taking over the role of Batman. In the following scene we see Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) stalking Elektra (Jennifer Garner) until she confronts him at a local park. He makes the mistake of touching her and rather than just brushing him off, she issues a challenge. The challenge of course is a semi-fight/Singing in the Rain style dance off/Matrix rip-off/weird mating ritual type of altercation that can make the world's greatest sociopath uncomfortable. Even worse, the park is filled with children and it takes them a good 2 minutes before showing any interest in a fight. It’s almost as if the children themselves were aware of the lameness occurring that the producers had to usher them in last minute for effect. For all of you masochists out there, I present thee with the ultimate Asshat of a scene:

Spider-Man 3 - Calling this movie a tragic mess is an understatement. Loaded with an overabundance of bad moments it’s almost difficult to pick out one defining piece, but alas there is one scene, the crown jewel of suck. Surprise, surprise…the scene in question, once again, involves pointless dancing. Peter Parker makes contact with the venom goo and is immediately transformed into emo Peter. Wearing darker clothes and disheveling his hair we are forced to witness Peter literally strut his stuff around town. Ordering his neighbor to feed him milk and cookies, porn-like pelvic gyrations and sassy finger snaps corrupt this scene as he dances through the streets of Manhattan in full-blown creep mode. I use to think the venom symbiot was awesome, but if it has this type of effect on people I’ll gladly take a pass.

Batman and Robin - What we have here might just be THE worst comic-related film ever created. This abomination of a movie is as enjoyable as pounding your privates with a ball-peen hammer (I’m sure someone out there would enjoy that, but this is not pleasurable). This movie had Bat-Nipples, Bat-Credit Cards and the worst representation of Bane ever created. You know what else it had? It had Mr. Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger (which is a crime in itself) forcing his goons to sing “Mr. Snow Miser” while he danced around as their performance maestro. More dance/music infused garbage to solidify this golden turd in a block of ice that will forever haunt us for all eternity.

Superman - Christopher Reeve will always be remembered as THE Superman. He captured the very essence of the character making anyone that tries to fill those shoes seem like a second-rate replacement unworthy of the red cape. As a child, watching him fly around and save the day showed us exactly what heroes were made of. Superman the movie was a classic among comic fans, but that doesn’t mean it is without its WTF moment. Superman is virtually indestructible, has immeasurable strength, heat vision, ice breath and the ability to fly. Do you know what else he can do? Apparently, if you piss him off enough, he can reverse time. WTF? My thoughts exactly. In a fit of rage after finding Lois Lane dead, he leaps into the sky and skyrockets around the Earth, forcing the rotation to shift, thus altering time. So that’s it people, if one can reverse the rotation of the Earth we can set the clock back and right all the wrongs. My biggest question is how did he know exactly when to stop? At the speed he was traveling he could have easily miscalculated and brought the planet back to the Stone Age. If he did, would he be able to set it back by flying the opposite direction? All I know is that Christopher Nolan could have easily cut Interstellar in half and explained time travel in much simpler terms had he included Superman. With that, I give you Superman’s time traveling WTF moment.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Almost everything went painfully wrong with this film, but none as horrific as the birth of Electro. Not that the scene/special effects were that bad, but the overall concept behind his creation. I’m not sure if the writers either didn’t care or just had a momentary lapse in creativity, but what they came up with to explain the creation of Electro was pitiful. Max Dillon is playing with power lines, gets electrocuted that forces him to fall into a vat of…wait for it….wait….electric eels. That’s right people, if getting electrocuted wasn’t bad enough, getting chewed on by electric eels while drowning with eventually force a mutation or sorts, giving you full control of electricity. His close literally disintegrated off of him, everything he touches gets zapped, but that doesn’t stop him from putting a hoody on before terrorizing the city. That hoody must be made of some crazy material. Then again, we already had one naked blue man running around in The Watchmen, so that is forgiven.

BONUS: Did I say Batman and Robin was the worst comic based movie of all time? I stand corrected as Howard the Duck is something you can’t even put into words. Picking one standout moment is impossible as the entire movie is a WTF moment. A naked duck woman with her breasts out singing in the tub, beastiality, the Principal from Ferris Beaulers day off possessed by an alien with a long penis tongue, and Tim Robbins' most embarrassing performance ever are at the core of this film. The WTF moments are endless. How about the scene where Howard is tossed into a hot tub with a couple getting their groove on, obviously loaded with drugs as they failed to notice the door getting kicked in and a duck man tossed into the tub with them. Here are some of the most disturbing, WTF moments of Howard the Duck:


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