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Fan Art Can Truly Stir The Heart

When people do fan art it's truly amazing because not only do they personify their own twists, but it can also make the viewers draw emotions that they normally wouldn't show about the subject. With the fan art below I want you to really think about what emotions are pulled from you.

For Example... Attack on Titan-Sasha, By CookieHana

Take a long look at this Attack on Titan fan art by Cookiehana. Think long and hard about how you feel about it. You will notice that you just naturally feel happy, or you might even feel hungry. That's the amazing thing about fan arts or even art in general. Now continue with the rest of the ones I put down here because it might make you feel different about fan arts from here on out.

Sword Art Online, By Sakimichan

This is so beautiful and entrancing it almost makes me short of breath.

Naruto Shippuden-Naruto, by Beckitach

You can literally feel the intensity of his stare, and the emotion he's portraying.

Tokyo Ghoul-Tohka, By AZLL

Words really can't express the number of emotions I get when I view this fan art.

The Jungle Book, By Fuzzypinkmonster

"And don't spend your time lookin' around for something you want that can't be found. When you find out you can live without it. And go along not thinking' about it I'll tell you something true" -Baloo

League of Legends-Riven, By Showmeyourmoves

One can't help but feel a bit intimidated by this amazing fan art.

In Conclusion

One can only be amazed by what fan art by itself can do to a person. Even though we know that it's most likely a fictional picture we get so much out of every single one. Next time you look at fan art truly look deeper than just the colors and subject itself.

What Fan Art Has Made Your Heart Stir In Your Chest?


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