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What will they think of next? This insanely talented Minecraft user has built a working laptop inside of the world of Minecraft. People are now starting to push the boundaries of what is actually possible in a game to levels that defy even science – almost.

Reddit user MrCrayFish is currently developing an actual working laptop within the world of Minecraft. I am not going to go into the details of how any of this is actually possible – I play games I know very little how they are made. Which is why I have absolute respect for talented developers like MrCrayfish and the many others around the world – without them we would all have to go outside and climb trees and stuff, eurgh.

MrCrayfish states that “It's not a real OS, it can't be run separately. It built upon Minecraft's code, written in Java. I have access to methods such as render(), onTick(), onKeyPress(), onMouseClick() and from that I'm able to build a mock OS.”

So, it utilises the code that is already running throughout Minecraft to achieve the effect of building an individual hard drive. That could be very wrong, as I said, computer programming is not my thing. I would love someone to explain how the heck this works, though. Anybody?

Take a look at how it works, it really is remarkable – there are even suggestions that a printer is currently in the works that will hook up to the laptop and print out in game pictures. Although, if it is anything like my printer it will jam half the time and run out of ink the rest. Stay clear of printers!

Minecraft is an ever expanding world of infinite possibilities – with each day that passes new boundaries are explored and new records are set. It is the game that allows for almost anything to be created. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Have you built anything newsworthy in Minecraft? Let us know

Source: Reddit


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