ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

According to a most recent episode of The Talk (CBS); actor Tom Hiddleson from Thor and The Avengers discussed from there his future movies Genie and Skull Island. He's originally been in the hit 2011 movie War Horse besides the Thor films and the iconic Disney Marvel movie The Avengers.

Now, since he's been also in last year's Crimson Peak, he shall fight off monsters in the time of the Vietnam War alongside Vietnam War soldiers in the King Kong reboot Skull Island. Also in the future live action Genie movie he uses his serpent staff to control the mind of the sultan while searching for the lamp as Jafar.

Watch Tom Hiddleson fight monsters and savages in Skull Island in theaters spring 2017 and threaten Agrabah as Jafar in Genie in theaters 2018.


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