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All Fans of the Flash are dedicated and Love him so much! I have listen the top ten moments from CW's the Flash TV show.

Number 10: The Lighting strike.

Fans of The Flash (especially the flash TV fans) know how Barry Allen Got his powers. Yes, there are many superheroes called the flash, such as Jay Garrick, wally west, Barry Allen, Bart Allen, and some others. Some versions of the flash are not only superhero. We have The Reverse Flash, and Zoom that are both enemies to Barry Allen and several of the other superheroes called the flash. I am a huge fan of the show so that's what I'm going to stick to. In the CW show, The Flash, Barry Allen was in is lab at the Central City police department went the particle accelerator exploded at star labs. As Flash fans know, Barry Allen is a forensic scientist in his daily life. When the particle accelerator exploded, it also happened to be storming outside. Barry was right under a window that was installed into the roof, and lightning struck the window breaking it, and striking Barry. He was Taken to star labs, and was in a Coma for 9 months. He woke up, to meet Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and Eobard Thawne, disguised as Harrison Wells.

Number 9: Super speed discovery.

After Barry got out of his coma, he expressed to Cisco and Caitlin, whom he just met, that he was fine and he felt fine. In the CW show, when he gets up and looks in the mirror he realizes that the lightning strike gave him very strong and firm abdominal muscles. When Cisco and Caitlin tel him he was hit by lightning he says "lightning gave me abs?". He meets Eobard Thawne, disguised as Harrison wells, and immediately expresses how much he loves Dr. Wells work. Barry goes to the coffee shop CCJITTERS. He meets the girl who he grew up with, Iris West. A waitress behind Iris accidentally dropped cups of coffee off her tray. Barry, saw the cup drop in slow motion but yet he felt he was moving the same speed. He went back to the police station, to get back to work. To police men had a suspect being fingerprinted on a table and on of the policemen turned around. the suspect reached for the policemen's gun got a hand on it and Barry, again saw it in slow motion. This time he took action and ran to go get it. He ran at Super speed. He ran out scared at what he just did. His hand started vibrating an moving at super speed. He broke the Windows of a police car because he could not control the powers. he aimed to run at the end of the alley he was in and did so at super speed, and landed in a u-haul type truck. He was thrilled about the powers.

Number 8: Flash Vs Clyde Mardon, The tornado Reverse.

Number 8 on my list is The tornado reverse action performed by the flash. Many flash fans have seen this but in case you have not, here is what happened. Clyde Mardon Created a Huge Whirlwind/tornado type storm. The tornado was huge, and each time Barry tried to get Clyde he would blow him away. Eobard Thawne disguised as Harrison wells, needed the flash to stay alive so he could fight him later on in life to get home. Barry ran and ran, and Clyde just kept the tornado going. Thawne said to barry " I started this mess and i saw you as just another one of my victims. Barry took it as an apology. Thawne said "i started this mess, but you, YOU can fix it. Now run Barry RUN!" Barry ran with all his might and reversed the tornado until it was no more.

Number 7: Flash gone Bad?

That's right, you heard me. The Flash turned bad for once! This was not by his doing. This was done by the villain Named Chroma, who hypnotized Barry into becoming evil. The arrow showed up to help battle the flash. Harrison wells and the gang used neon lights flashing to shine into Barry's eyes. The match turned out to be a tie.

Number 7: SuperSonic Punch

Longtime bully from Barry Allen's childhood also became a meta-human. His name was Tony Woodward. Pretty cool huh? Nicknamed by Cisco, girder because of his ability to turn into a titanium-like metal, Barry could not defeat him. Cisco, Caitlin and Thawne figured out if Barry went 5.3 miles away and ran as fast as he could he could punch his metal and cause it to retract back into tony. He remembered a phrase that Detective Joe West told him. "Sometimes, its ok to run away." Barry ran 5.3 miles away. he ran as fast as he could breaking glass as he went by. He charged at Tony, punched him right in the face, and retracted his metal and caused him to pass out and Barry took him and put him in the pipeline.

Number 6: Time Travel

Clyde Mardon captured Joe west when West and Eddie Thawne went to go look for him. Joe west was captured and taken hostage by Clyde. Clyde made tsunami and made it go right towards central city. Barry, being the superhero he is ran towards the danger. He contacted Caitlin who told him to create a wave of wind to stop the tsunami. He ran back and forth and ran so fast he traveled through time. In the show when he ran back int time he ran all the way back to the beginning of the episode.

Number 6: Train Rescue

Captain Cold is a fictional villain in the DC universe. He stole a cold gun designed by Cisco, Caitlin and Barry. Cisco nicknamed him captain cod after this happened. Captain Cold used the cold gun to break a subway train and all of the cars on the train went in the air and flipped. The flash managed to save everyone from the train.

Number 5: Defeating The Mist.

Kyle Nimbus, also known as the mist is almost an unstoppable meta-human, only to be stopped by a version of the flash.He has the ability to turned a gas which kills anyone who ingests it. He only has one weakness. His gas cells have to regenerate. Barry made him go after him so much that the mist got defeated easily.

Number 4: Defeating Peek-A-Boo.

Peek-a-boo became a villain when her love interest got into iron heights, and she rescued him. He was a wanted criminal and Peek-A-Boo has a unique weakness. She can only teleport to where or what she can see. She was in a car alley with her boyfriend and the flash took out all the lights so she could have no escape. by the time the flash got to her car, the boyfriend abandoned her.

Number 3: Reverse Flash Fight.

The Flash eventually defeated Eobard Thawne with the help of firestorm and The Green Arrow. Firesotrm blew Reverse Flash off of a building and Then Reverse Flash got up. When he did this the green arrow shot him with an arrow. He was killed and then Barry said "i got you"

Number 2: Speed Mirage.

When Flash Needed to defeat doctor light he needed to confuse her. What he did is move so fast he created a speed mirage. A speed mirage is when you move so fast that it appears that there is more than one of you. When the flash did this, he confused doctor light and knocked her out. She went invisible int he pipeline and Cisco went to look for her, he opened the pipeline and she got away because she just turned herself invisible.

Number 1: Throwing lightning. Jay Garrick, who we now know is Hunter Zolomon taught barry to throw lightning. Jay was using Barry because Zolomon knew if Barry threw lightning at him he could easily catch it. Still its pretty cool though.

I hope you like my top ten! Please Leave me comments!


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