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After the box office success of and fan praise of batman v superman Warner Bros and DC entertainment have been looking their current movie slate and the stand alone batman film written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck has officially been confirmed and will be coming out october 19 2018. And now that opens the door for another character who needs a stand alone film just as much as the caped crusader and that is Nightwing. Warner Bros has hired for the director's chair true blood's Alan Ball to bring fan fav and first boy wonder to the big screen with Brian Buckner, Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns (who will be an executive producer) writing it with Alan Ball. not much can be confirmed about this project other than actors are being looked at to play Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, and Ben Affleck's Batman is connected to this film. the one thing that can be confirmed is the film's synopsis.

(after years of living under the shadow of Batman, Dick Grayson, former Robin now Nightwing sets off on his own crime fighting adventure in Bludhaven without The Dark Knight watching over his shoulder.)

Nightwing as stated earlier was the first Robin who became the sidekick of Batman after when he was 10 years old performing under Haly's circus with his family The Flying Grayson's ( John and Mary Grayson). who was killed by Tony Zucco by sabotaging the trapeze which caused mother and father acrobats to fall to their deaths. As the crowd saw the tragic and horrifying fatal scene in awe, in the crowd that night was Bruce Wayne who saw the terror in young Richard's eye's and took a special interest in the young boy as he took him in basically adopting him also as the young Dick Grayson was sneaking out of Wayne Manor every night hunting down criminals as batman decided to take Dick to the Batcave and reveal his identity to young Grayson and later becomes Robin. that's how the first dynamic duo came to fruition for those of you who don't know.

Nightwing is a great character to put in the big screen and a very important part in the mythology of Batman. A Nightwing movie would be perfect to shed light in the mythos of Batman and a great way to do the character justice and explore the Bat Family.

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