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Matt Walz

Right now, Marvel is running a Twitter promo for Captain America: Civil War, and it just may be the best one ever. When you pick your side on the movie's Twitter page, they'll send a video response from one of the cast members back to you, just like these! I lucked out with Stan the Man and Anthony Mackie all in one! Other members of each team have been responding to their backers (and sometimes their enemies) as well!

Leave it to Paul Rudd to go totally overboard, though-Nate in particular was on the receiving end of a biting retort from Ant-Man.

Greg, on the other hand, got an invitation to a camping trip - no bug repellent needed.

So which team will you choose? And can you handle Paul Rudd's bite? Check out the Captain America: Civil War Twitter page to vote for your side, and share your favorite responses in the comments below!


#TeamCap of #TeamIronMan?


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