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Today's Topic: Batman Solo DCEU Movie.

Batman (2018)
Batman (2018)

As you all know, the Batman movie has unexpectedly become such a hot thing right now, that they've already confirmed it, with it being released, presumely on 2018.

One big reason as to why people want to see the Batman solo movie is (*plays drums*) BATFLECK! Remember all those Batfleck memes? Well, they're long gone now, as Batfleck is the best thing about BVS, and we want to see more of that neckless lovable jerk! Most importantly, what storyline is it going to adapt? That's a topic of discussion by fans for a long time, and i am here to break it down for ya'.

Red Hood's A Clear Choice, By Now, Or Death In The Family?

It has been havily rumoured that Red Hood will be the villain for the Batman movie, which sounds awesome, but i want us to consider one thing, right? Batman kills in BVS, while Snyder may cover it in a horrible way, but that's the moral of the story, that Jason's lost his way and becomes a murderous piece of trash, and wants Batman to kill Joker, but just watch the animated film.

Or Death in the Family would be a logical solution, although a Death Of The Family one would be bloody awesome! Joker cutting faces off, including his own, killing, acting creepy, making you terrified, yeah, Jared Leto needs to get on that.

But mostly i think it's gonna be something that is popular, and the demand for Jensen Ackles, of Supernatural fame to play Jason Todd is missing one thing, Jason is a young man, black hair, and definitely like an older Robin, and does Jensen Ackles like a Robin to you?

Of course not, but he was great in the animated movie.

Do A 'Zero Year' Adaptation? Origin?

Batman in this DC universe is old as hell, and a replacement about that fact needs to be a younger Batman, to showcase more adventure, thrill and awesomeness, but Ben isn't getting any younger? While i don't want ot see no origin, i want to have him fight people like Joker and Riddler for the first time.

Now that is awesomess.



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