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I’ve always been a big picture sort of viewer and have mad respect for shows that continually push the envelope with their story-lines. While I do have my initial emotional responses after an episode, I try and step back from that gut response in order to ascertain how this certain episode plays into the overall arc of the season. Not since the 6th season of Buffy has a show evoked a weekly catharsis that leaves me emotionally and mentally drained. Whereas most shows have their token ‘filler’ episodes, The 100 does not follow that unfortunate television trend. Instead, each week we are subject to vital information that expands the plot and engulfs the gentle viewers further into the cataclysm of the current season. Thursday night’s episode entitled “Nevermore” was no exception. In true masochistic form, I gladly tuned in and awaited the heartache that followed this week's hour of torment.

For the second week I found myself standing in front of my TV with eyes wide open and hands clasped tightly to the side of my face. As if we had crossed over into Kesey’s world and were flying straight into the cuckoo’s nest, we see our crew formulating a plan that would literally shock the crazy out from Raven. ALIE, continuing her violation of Raven, plays the world’s worst game of truth and no one was left immune to the harshness of their past. While it was difficult to watch, the exchange between an ALIE-induced Raven and the other characters were some of the best scenes from the season. From Jasper’s weakness and pity-based mindset to Clarke’s deadly relationship woes, ALIE’s words of wisdom sought to spare no one.

Staying in form to its “no exception” truth, this episode gave us that glimmer of hope and it seemed that at last the crew had an upper hand, then followed that glimmer with a devastating blow to our reality. Sneaking a peak at the now inhabited City of Light and ALIE’s monotonously toned “…kill them all…” speech left us all with the inevitable and too familiar “well…shit” feeling as the credits rolled. This season has been a roller-coaster of emotional hell, and if The 100 and it’s Dante-esque form of reality has taught us anything, it’s that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Episode thoughts:

Is it me or does Niylah seem like she is an exception to the grounder rule of “blood must have blood”? Even though she shows anger, she doesn’t demand retribution for her father’s murder…instead she seems to have an omniscient understanding that the situation occurring is of more importance than that of her own misfortune. Whatever her feelings, I think we can all agree that Jessica Harmon is always welcome to grace our screen.

While I haven’t been as annoyed with Jasper’s wallow this season as a majority of others, I do feel like we are at the point where he either has to fully succumb to the despair or take note from the others and keep moving. So many characters have experienced heart break and yet they haven’t broken. I have a feeling that Jasper is the writers’ way of showing us just how strong the crew is. His breaking has been stunting to the group, could you imagine if they all had broken down after suffering losses?

If Monty killing his mother wasn’t heart breaking enough, the look on his face when he comes to the realization that she could have been saved is utterly devastating. What Monty is to come from this?

I was a bit confused as to why everyone was seemingly comfortable around Bellamy and weren’t a bit reserved due to you know...his slaughtering of innocent people and overall lack of humanity. But once again Octavia come through as this season’s voice of reason and reality check. If there is one thing she will not allow it is a quick redemption for the one who has played a leading role in the cluster-fuck that has unraveled this season.


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