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MTV Movie Awards co-hosts and Central Intelligence co-stars might be working together on yet another project, proving that their bromance is the real deal.

According to Variety, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart could be tapped to star as the leads in Sony's upcoming reboot of Jumanji, the 1995 Robin Williams adventure film about a board game thats rules were "you win or you die" long before Game of Thrones. Jumanji is based on the 1981 storybook of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg.

Jake Kasdan is directing the new rendition, with a release date currently scheduled for July 28, 2017 and production set to begin in August.

Variety notes that with Johnson's video game adaptation Rampage possibly delaying its filming to 2017, he would be free to take on Jumanji. Hart, however, is doing a remake of French comedy-drama The Untouchables with Bryan Cranston over the summer, so that could complicate the schedule.

(Source: Variety)


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