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For those DC comics fans out there, you may or may not have heard the recent rumors regarding leaked castings for Warner Brothers's DC Extended Universe. I recently read a Moviepilot post summing up what these leaks describe. Now I may be wrong and these "leaks" were all fakes. If so please tell me below in the comments to correct me and disregard everything from this point on.

But if they were indeed rumored leaks, then I have pieced together a certain connection between these castings: They all have something to do with The Flash.

Don't mind Amber Heard up in the top left, we know she is going to be Mera in Justice League Part One and the Aquaman film. I'm talking about the other five. (Remember, these are just RUMORS so they could be wrong and I could be wrong, so there's no reason to hate on me for making this pitch)

The rumored castings are as followed:

  • Top Middle: Alona Tal as Black Canary
  • Top Right: Imogen Poots as Iris West
  • Bottom Left: James Remar as Darryl Frye
  • Bottom Middle: Alfred Molina as T.O. Morrow
  • Bottom Right: Ed Harris as General Wade Eiling

For those of you who don't know who these people are, let me explain. Black Canary is a superhero with powers/technology of extremely loud shrieking. She has been seen in the Arrowverse as an ally to Green Arrow, but also knows The Flash quite well. Alona Tal was one of the two girls that were rumored a few months back to be up for the role of Black Canary (along with Mad Max: Fury Road's Abbey Lee). Iris West is Barry Allen's future wife, General Eiling is a military general who opposes some members of the Justice League, including The Flash. Darryl Frye is captain of the CCPD (Central City Police Department), and T.O. Morrow is a villainous scientist who creates several androids including the Red Tornado.

Now my theory is that the main adversary, according to the leaks that came this past week, is going to be a unique spin on the Reverse-Flash.

I hope not. Save him for Flashpoint

And I stated in an earlier post from a few months back that the villain should be Captain Cold and a team of three or four Rogues:

I'm still hanging on with this idea, but it could change

But if these casting rumor leaks are true, then I have a new idea:

If these leaks are true then it looks like the main villain of the 2018 Flash movie will be Dr. T.O. Morrow. If so, then Molina would be an excellent choice. Morrow has shown himself to be a villain to many Justice League members, but made his debut in The Flash comics, making him an original villain to The Flash. Now it would be sort of like what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BVS) did with their villains: The man behind it all (Lex Luthor), the hired help (KGBeast), and the climactic battle (Doomsday). This case would have Morrow in Luthor's role, the hired help will be a Flash rogue (I hope for Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang since he's already been cast in Suicide Squad), and the climactic battle at the end would be against Morrow's android army and its newfound leader Red Volcano.

A baseline of the plot would go something like this: Morrow would be envious of The Flash's popularity so he decides to try and create red androids with Flash-like abilities, including the Cyclone feature. He ends up creating Red Tornado, Red Inferno, and Red Torpedo, but instead of getting praise for his work, he gets suspicion, causing him to grow angry and use the androids to attack The Flash and Central City.

Eventually, Flash gets some help from other heroes such as Black Canary and Cyborg (Deborah Snyder recently gave a interview and may have accidentally revealed that Cyborg could be in the Flash film). With their help The Flash and company are able to knock down Tornado, allowing Cyborg to reprogram Tornado to help them. Morrow then uses his remaining technology to create a bigger android in the form of Red Volcano, who attacks Morrow and seizes control of Inferno, Torpedo, and the remaining droids to destroy Central City. Its up to The Flash, Cyborg, Black Canary, and Red Tornado to stop him.

That is just a crazy theory I came up with off the bat! And remember, this entire page could be scrapped if the leaks turn out to be fake. Then I would have written this for nothing!

Do you agree with my theory? Do you think these leaks are fake? Tell me what you think and please no bullying or aggressive hate comments. As Deadpool would say: "It's a total dick move."


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