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The Jungle Book will finally open in theaters this weekend, and according to director Jon Favreau, keen-eyed fans might be able to spot some Disney references throughout the live-action adventure. He told Yahoo Movies:

“These are all little director games we play to keep ourselves occupied. I wanted to make sure the core group of fans of the underlying material were respected and rewarded. You want to make it fun for someone who has never seen the original film but for someone who loves the original film, we want them to understand that we love it, too.”

While talking to the site, Favreau revealed a few of the many Easter Eggs fans should look out for:

Rocky The Rhino

Rocky the Rhino was one of the conceptualized characters set to appear in the 1967 animated version of The Jungle Book, but he never made the cut. Favreau decided to pay homage to the character by adding an updated photo-real version of him to his cut.

Cinderella's Castle Gets A Makeover

In an ode to The Jungle Book's classic 2-D animation style, Favreau had Cinderella's Castle hand-painted:

“So we go from a cel-painted castle, with hand-painted fireworks and flames on the torches. And we pull back into something that eventually becomes photo-real, a shot that’s similar to the shot in Bambi.”

Music The Way Walt Intended

Favreau also continued one of Walt Disney's visions by including a new take on Fantasound, an early surround sound program implemented for Fantasia, by using Dolby Atmost:

“Walt had a vision to put the audience in the middle of the music. … I said, 'Wouldn’t it be cool to explore Fantasound in this movie?' ... You will that feel there are instruments moving around the theater.”

The Actual Jungle Book Makes An Appearance

Remember that book at the start of The Jungle Book? Well, where one story ends, another begins. Favreau's adaptation ends right where the 1967 movie began, making it all come full circle:

“I noticed that The Jungle Book starts with a real book on blue velvet opening up and there’s a drawing. And you push into the drawing and it becomes a cartoon. But the book never closes. So my fantasy was to close that book. So I talked to Disney and they said, ‘Well, it might be in the archives.’ I say, ‘Please see if you have the book.’ They dug it up. They found the leather-bound book from the movie.
“But they said, ‘You can’t touch it.’ Somebody showed up with a white glove. Nobody could handle it. We set up to match the table exactly. So the end of the movie we freeze on the frame. It goes to a drawing.”

To read about even more Easter Eggs before you check out The Jungle Book, be sure to visit Yahoo Movies. And if you spot any of them for yourself in the theater this weekend, let us know what you saw in the comments section!

'The Jungle Book' comes out in theaters starting today.


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