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The latest [Suicide Squad](tag:2283363) trailer debuted at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards and, needless to say, it was awesome! From showcasing El Diablo to audiences who may not know him, to topping the Avengers' "shawarma" scene with a post-battle drink, this trailer had everything!

While many people could be replaying Jared Leto's Joker dialogue, or a certain Harley Quinn scene, there is a very big Easter Egg hiding in the trailer's opening moments.

Earlier this week, Moviepilot posted an article about how Scott Eastwood could be playing Arsenal. Seeing this really intrigued me and I started to look around the scene where the Squad is brought together to see if there were any more Easter Eggs — and boy, did I hit the mother lode.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Harley Quinn's jester costume is in Suicide Squad!

During the scene where Harley is getting dressed (I'm sure everyone is familiar with it), her classic Jester costume can be seen next to El Diablo!

You can clearly see the classic black and red leather costume thrown to the side! You can even see the white balls at the end of her hat! Now, before everyone starts saying, "Oh, it can't be because she wears her new attire in the trailers," of course she won't be wearing it. With the costume thrown to the side, it looks like Amanda Waller will give Harley her old costume, which she will throw away and decide to go with her new one.

Harley Quinn's classic look
Harley Quinn's classic look

Could it be that the costume reminds her of the Joker, whom she now hates? Whether that is the case or not, it's great to see that DC is paying homage to Harley's origins!

Make sure to catch Harley and her old costume when Suicide Squad hits theaters August 8th!



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