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Yeah I promised I'd start a three part blog about my top 30 movies but meh I don't think people really wanna see that lol so I'm just gonna talk about what I think are the twenty worst superhero movies. Now some of these choices may be a bit controversial so if you like a movie that's on the list please don't get angry as we all have our own opinions. Leave a comment and we can discuss them. Anyways let's begin. oh and this list is not in order.

20. Green Lantern (June 17th, 2011)

Before the DC Cinematic Universe but after the Nolan trilogy was a difficult time for DC films. The films tried to be gritty like the Nolan trilogy but at the same time tried to blend in some comedy like the MCU. Green Lantern from 2011 is a prime example of why the two don't blend together well. Green Lantern had some moments in it that tried to make you go "Oh shit that's pretty brutal/serious" but when the characters are almost completely CGI because...actually I don't know, wouldn't making the costumes CGI cost more money? I don't know. Anyways this film was a huge failure with critics and fans alike. Ryan Reynolds gave it his all but it wasn't enough to save this pile of trash. I guess this was better then that Jack Black Green Lantern movie they were thinking about making.

19. Batman Forever (June 16th, 1995)

It's really hard to believe that this film is in the same continuity as Batman 1989 and Batman Returns, both made by Tim Burton. The problems with this film are mainly the fact that Jim Carrey is a terrible Riddler and Val Kilmer is a bland and forgettable Batman. Oh and the film is basically a little more serious than the 1960s Batman series. People often forget that 1997's "Batman & Robin" wasn't the first film to feature Robin and in fact Batman Forever introduced him and well...he's pretty bad. I haven't seen much of Chris O'Donnell so I don't know if he's a good actor but let's just say I'm glad that the Nightwing spin off was never made.

18. Catwoman (July 23rd, 2004)

I honestly don't know if I can count this as a superhero movie. Seriously this film is so beyond the point of a bad adaptation that it strays almost into "The Walking Dead" level of adaptation. (inb4 people get mad at me for making fun of The Walking Dead). Catwoman is supposed to be a kinda love interest to Batman/anti hero in DC but in this film she's a person brought back to life by Cat breath who fights crime and who's main villain is a woman that makes makeup. This film has it all, the bad acting, bad special effects, bad characters, bad fight scenes, bad soundtrack, bad...just everything, literally everything.

17. HULK (June 30th, 2003)

Okay so I've been ranting about bad DC films for the entire list so far, so let's start talking about some bad Marvel films like Ang Lee's HULK from 2003. This film is so damn bizarre because Hulk for one looks like a chunk of graphics from the Nintendo 64, the bizarre scene transitions, oh and the fact that the main villains of the film is the smoke monster from "Lost" and hulk dogs. HULK is an extremely bizarre movie that I honestly can't believe was made. It tries to make a dark and gritty Hulk movie but fails and becomes a boring mess of an art film.

16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2nd, 2014)

Why can't we get an ACTUAL good Spider-Man film. And no the Raimi films don't count because they aren't technically good movies, they're just so much fun to watch (Seriously I love those films....even Spider-Man 3...I'm sorry it's not good but it's funny). The main problem with TASM2 is that the film tries to combine so many different plot lines and so many different characters that it falls under all the weight. It's just an extremely cluttered film that makes no sense. Also why does the Green Goblin in this film look like a meth addict. Why can't we get a good Green Goblin and not a meth addict, a power ranger villain or a hoverboarding Ninja. It's a shame that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't learn from this film's mistakes about adding in so many plotlines and characters. Maybe if they took notes from this film it would've actually been good. Oh and speaking of Superman.

15. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (July 23rd, 1987)

According to Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Superman has the power to rebuild walls using his laser vision. (I guess that's why he didn't care about destroying Metropolis in "Man of Steel"). Superman IV takes an already cheesy and goofy film series and makes it even more laughable by making some of the worst super hero fight scenes and having one of the lamest original villain, Nuclear Man who's a nuclear clone of Superman born from the sun. Awesome.

14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 8th, 2014)

What's that? You didn't want a dark gritty Ninja Turtles reboot that makes the turtles look like horrifying abominations of science? Well Michael Bay wanted it so...sorry. The 2014 reboot of the Ninja Turtles films is honestly pretty disturbingly bad. Megan Fox is awful as usual but only now she's attempting to portray April O'Neal so it's ten times as bad. The ninja turtles themselves look awful. Not to mention Shredder looks like an even crappier version of Megatron. Let's just hope the sequel that's being released later this year is at least watchable...but chances are it won't be.

13. Daredevil (February 14th, 2003)

No not the amazing almost masterpiece Netflix series. It's hard to believe but before there was that, there was the 2003 Daredevil movie in which has all the cliches of early 2000 superhero films including random brooding, the entire movie taking place during the night, wacky villains that will sometimes be really brutal for no reason, oh and of course tight leather...a lot of it. It's this film that made people think Ben Affleck was going to be a bad Batman which thankfully he wasn't. Oh and this film spawned one of the worst spin offs of all time...which so happens to be the next film on the list.

12. Elektra (January 14th, 2005)

Wanna see one of the most pointless movie spin offs of all time? Me neither, let's not watch it. Thankfully people actually seem to also not want to watch this because not only was this film a critical failure it was also a commercial failure as it was only able to make $56.7 Million and while that seems like a lot, it isn't a lot for movies. Elektra is basically about Elektra being revived and how she turns into a contract killer. What else happens in it? I don't know because I saw this movie four years ago and I can't remember anything from it and I refuse to watch it again.

11. Batman & Robin (June 20th, 1997)

Ah the internet meme itself, Batman & Robin. From bat credit cards to bat nipples this film has been torn apart and understandably so. Not only is this film basically an attempt to revive the 1960s style Batman but also killed DC's attempts at making movies up until 2005 when "Batman: Begins" was released. Literally everything in this movie is awful and has no redeemable qualities besides the fact that it's hilariously bad.

10. Man of Steel (June 14th, 2013)

I told you guys this list might have some controversial opinions on here. I absolutely hate this movie for many reasons including making Pa Kent into a monstrous idiot that wants Superman to let kids die to the random Jesus symbolism in every freakin scene. Oh and the fact that Henry Cavill is literally a piece of wood and so freakin boring (but hey he's playing Superman so it fits the character). From the over the top villain to Metropolis being completely destroyed, this film has everything wrong with a Superhero movie.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (March 19th, 1993)

What person wanted a Ninja Turtle movie where the Ninja Turtles don't fight any of their normal villains and instead fight a boring samurai guy. The answer is nobody wanted it. The turtles in this movie are just so bad looking too, hell they make the turtles from the rock concert look good...okay that was too far. From some of the worst jokes the turtles have ever made to some of the worst fight scenes in any form of Ninja Turtles media this film should be avoided at all costs.

8. Captain America (December 14th, 1990)

Captain America steals like three cars in this movie and it's hilarious. But unlike "Spider-Man 3" where I actually love the film because of how ridiculously stupid and dumb it is, this film for the most part is quite painful to sit through but at the same time has a better looking Red Skull then the 2011 film "Captain America: The First Avenger". This film has bad acting, bad pacing and probably one of the worst superhero suits ever. Seriously just google Captain America 1990 and you'll see what I mean.

7. Fantastic Four (August 7th, 2015)

So I've already ranted about this film on my "Worst Films of 2015" blog so I'll just copy and paste the rant for you here. "Never in my life did I think that a film would make me say "Hey, the old Fantastic Four films were pretty good compared to this." This film is the worst superhero movie of all time with zero redeeming qualities. Nothing. At. All. The acting, effects, story, characters, and the tone are just terrible. This film takes a kinda goofy superhero team and tries to make a "Dark Knight" outta them. It's a terrible idea and they still went ahead with it."

6. Steel (August 15th, 1997)

Hey look it's the DC film that everyone actually forgets exists! Steel is supposed to be based on the supporting Superman character who goes by the name "Steel" but instead the film has no references to Superman and makes Steel a superhero that uses escalators as his main way of getting around. Steel is a laughably bad movie that I'd probably love if it wasn't so slow paced for the most part. Oh and stop making Shaq act, he can't so stop it!

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (May 1st, 2009)

I'll always argue that the X-Men film series isn't very good and this film is just some evidence of that. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a kinda failed attempt at making a spin off series off the X-Men films. I say kinda failed because it failed in starting the X-Men Origins spin off series but instead created the Wolverine Trilogy (which btw isn't very good either). X-Men Origins: Wolverine shits on characters and story arcs from the comics and is filled with random characters that are just in it to make you go "hey those guys were in that other movie. Oh and CGI Patrick Stewart is terrifying.

4. The Phantom (June 7th, 1996)

If you were a superhero who fought in the jungle, what color would your suit be? Wait did you say maybe green, black or brown? What are you an idiot? The obvious correct answer is purple because...well The Phantom says so. The Phantom is a superhero film that nobody really asked for because the character is so obscure that I doubt he has any fans. If you're a fan of the phantom please comment below. Anyways The Phantom is plagued with bad acting, goofy fight scenes and takes itself way too seriously for its own good. You're wearing purple spandex in the jungle! Take it easy.

3. Iron Man 2 (May 7th, 2010)

I was going to put "Iron Man 3" on here instead but at least Iron Man 3 has an amazingly cool final fight scene. Iron Man 2 on the other hand does not and instead has probably the worst final fight scene in any MCU film. The only really good things in this movie are Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson who all do pretty good jobs with their characters. This film isn't nearly as bad as say The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, or Green Lantern but it's still pretty damn bad.

2. X-Men III: The Last Stand (May 26th, 2006)

You know a film's bad when even the fans of the film series hate it. X-Men III: The Last Stand was originally the last X-Men film before Fox turned it into a cinematic universe with "Days of Future Past", "Deadpool", "The Wolverine" and "Fantastic Four". X-Men III has the same major issues with films like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and that is the fact the film tries to cram a shit ton of stuff into it. There's like twenty new mutants in this film and each get like two minutes of screen time. How are they supposed to be characters when you can barely get to know them? Oh yeah and the film decides to kill off characters at random.

1. Spawn (August 1st, 1997)

Spawn is another product of the nineties/early 2000 superhero films in that the film is almost always at night, lots of brooding and lots of leath...actually wait this film doesn't have leather and instead has one of the coolest looking superhero designs ever! That's the one good thing I can say about Spawn is that Spawn himself (aside from the cape) looks fantastic. But everyone else looks like complete garbage, for example, the Devil in this movie is literally a rejected muppet from Labyrinth.

Oh and honorable mentions include "Batman (1966)", "Spider-Man 3", "Ghost Rider", "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance", "Fantastic Four (2004)", "Supergirl (1984)", "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Iron Man 3".

Damn I could've made this a list of the thirty worst superhero films lol.

If you actually read all of this I want to thank you because this took me a long time to write lol. Anyways next time I'll be reviewing "The Jungle Book". If you disagreed with my opinions that's okay. Leave a comment below and we can discuss our opinions civilly.


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