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Black Panther! We get to see him in action (sort of) finally! Lol, but we will get to that! A new [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer is scratching its way through the surface right now to show you guys a couple Avengers vs our very own Bucky the Winter Soldier. Now this isn't an actual "trailer" so to speak, as it just shows one fight scene and nothing more, but its still exciting! These are my thoughts on the fight, but before I go off about, you should watch it first to at least get your own opinion.

This video was generously brought to you by Emergency Awesome, you should definitely check out their videos here!

It starts off with Bucky possibly fighting security of the building that were sent down to control the situation? I'd possibly put my money on Hydra soldiers but that may just be me. Then from there Tony activates his iron gauntlet/watch to distract the Winter Soldier as he moves into position with Black Widow.

Now this watch/gauntlet is interesting, because its not deadly. Most Iron Man hand weapons are cannons or charged beams but this one first has an initial sonic-wave blast followed by a flash attack. So he might wear this watch through the movie in case of emergencies to get out of tricky situations or in this case, stun Bucky to make a move.

From there, Bucky moves on from Tony, and tries to take on Agent 13, its good to see her because like Emergency Awesome said, we didn't get to see her a lot in Winter Soldier, so hopefully THIS time, she will have a bigger part to play on Cap's team. She will most likely play a spy for them, or at least that's what I think.

From THERE, its Bucky vs Black Widow! Now the fight is over fast, she manages a couple of hits on him before he slams her onto a table and begins to choke her. But here is where it gets interesting; she says the line "you can at least recognize me". Now Emergency Awesome stated that a big part of it was that Bucky is trying to gain his memories from essentially being "Bucky" BEFORE he was the Winter Soldier, and I understand that. Another possibility I thought was he was maybe under a trance from Scarlett Witch, and she maybe made him see someone he hated to make him maybe even stronger when beating the crap out of them all. That might have made her reply with that, or it may just be because they are on opposite teams, pick your poison.

Last fight of the day? Bucky vs BLACK PANTHER! We see him here without the famous vibranium suit as he takes on Winter Soldier and saves Natasha from being choked to death. He has a combined-like fighting style here as Emergency Awesome pointed out, but you can just watch his breakdown up above to get what I mean by that.

Well that's at least what I think from the new fight scene, what do YOU guys think?? Let me know in the comments below!! Cheers guys!


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