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The map for the upcoming Rockstar developed Red Dead Redemption sequel has leaked online. Also, since Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't the official name, I will be referring to it as Red Dead Revival, because why not? It sounds awesome, right?

Posted on NeoGaf earlier by someone who claimed to have received it from "a source," the map was quickly taken down. Techrader has now claimed that a source close to them can confirm that the map in question is the real deal!

The source, who is working closely on the development of the game, also confirmed that the title will be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption (I'm coining Read Dead Revival) and that the new map will be east of the map in Redemption.

As you can see, Black Water sits at the bottom left of the map. This area is at the top right hand of the previous map, so this does seem to fit the claim. Techrader has also pointed out that the lack of railroads around the Great Plains points to this being a prequel.

As you will notice, the map has a large amount of water between each area. Could boats become a new form of travel, or will Rockstar include swimming, a feature that was lacking in Redemption?

We can also expect to come across various forms of terrain, such as plains, marshes, snowy mountaintops, grasslands and hilltops. Redemption did feature small areas of snow and marsh, so it will be interesting to see how they one-up themselves with the prequel!

The map also hints at a mini-crossover between two Take Two produced titles, Red Dead Revival and Mafia 3. The town of New Bordeux is featured on the bottom right hand side of the map. This is the fictional city of New Orleans where Mafia 3 is set. Expect some sort of family name drop in Red Dead Revival when visiting the town.

Mafia 3
Mafia 3

Do you think that the map is legitimate? Whether it is or not, I think we can all agree that we are looking forward to Red Dead Redemption's long-awaited follow up!


Are you looking forward to the 'Read Dead Redemption' sequel/prequel?


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