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Shipping. Shippers. Ships! That's the hot thing nowadays in current TV shows and we love it! And sometimes, it can drive us all crazy!

From all types of shows, the fan eventually end up wanting to see their favorite characters all canon and whatnot and just... get together and be together already! Well, The 100 is one show that can't escape the shipping chronicles, but who said you can't ship characters post-apocalyptic style? And as a huge The 100 fan, I'm just waiting for the Bellarke ship to finally freaking sail! Am I right?!


Meshing up two names into one is the fun part, sometimes it has an ugly tone to it but sometimes it just rhymes OH so well.

Bellarke consists of Bellamy and Clarke. Two of The 100'S delinquents that are both a great team together AND also seem to look so good, TOGETHER ;)

Last night's episode titled 'Nevermore' brought the delinquents together in which seemed like it was FOREVER since we last saw them all together, trying to survive and all. It was great seeing all of them in the episode but Bellamy and Clarke caught our eyes the most. Their interactions, reactions, short convos and whatnot.

Here are 5 times the Bellarke angst just felt way too real in 'Nevermore':

1) When Bellamy had to be there to protect Clarke from going all psycho on ALIE (taking over Raven's body)

Protective Bell, saving Clarke from getting into even more chaos.

2) When Bellamy helped Clarke with her wounded wrist after being attacked by ALIE possessed Raven, it was so heartfelt:

Okay, that was just way to adorbs. Like he honestly does care for her, always willing to patch her up when he can. And her reaction to him doing so:

And then it was Clarke's turn to patch Bellamy up. Ahh, it's like these two have some reciprocity connection going on! I'll take care of you and you take of me. Seems about right to me.

There goes Bellamy's innocent glare towards Clarke. GOSH. HEART EYES FOR DAYS.

3) When ALIE possessed Raven called Bellamy out and thought ALIE shipped Bellarke as much as Bellarke fans did, LIKE WHOA:

Oh damn, Bellamy...she got you there.

4) When Clarke asked Bellamy if he was okay. (My favorite)

Clarke's got you Bell.

This part was one of the best moments in that episode. With all the insaneness that occurs on this show and the mess that follows, no one really takes the time to take a step back and see if others are doing well. But the fact that Clarke looked genuinely considered of Bellamy's well being was everything. He's been through alot taking in all the anger towards him. It was thoughtful and a gesture that makes all the more Bellarke angst grow higher. She genuinely cares for him and that's all that matters. No one really asks how he's doing except for Clarke. She wants to know and she makes it known that she's always there for him. That's her way of comforting him without going the extra mile. Orrrr maybe she will? Hmmm...

5) When Clarke was assuring him that it isn't his fault. *cries*

After the beat down from Octavia that Bellamy had to endure, and the aftermaths of him siding with Pike, he felt all in all like a monster and undeserving of any type of forgiveness. But he does deserve it and Clarke is there to give that to him. Forgiveness? Yeah, that's their thing.


See the thing is Clarke, maybe Bellamy is a good guy for YOU. *smirks intensively*

Bellarke is just a few steps away from being canon, from being official. We're so close, I can FEEEEL it.

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