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Jessica returns to her childhood home, Kilgrave tries the hero thing, and Simpson plants a bomb in Jessica Jones season 1, episode 8, "AKA WWJD?".

Kilgrave’s gift to Jessica, her childhood diary, leads her to the home she grew up in, on the corner of Birch Street and Higgins Drive, the mantra she repeats to ground herself after a panic attack. Kilgrave has spared no expense in making their new home together the exact image of how it was before her and her family suffered a car crash, of which Jessica was the only survivor and feels guilt over. He’s hopeful that in time Jessica will see his grand gestures of torture and murder as the signs of love that he hopes them to be, but don’t worry, he’s not delusional; he knows it’ll take time and effort. Jessica on the other hand plays along, as best as Jessica Jones can, waiting for a moment to either capture him or draw a recorded confession out of him to the deaths of the Schlottmann’s.

Taking part in Kilgrave’s fantasy is as difficult as she thought it’d be. Not only is it the two of them living in the house, but an armed guard for Kilgrave’s protection, and a housekeeper and a gourmet chef to see to their needs, and to be used as collateral damage if Jessica gets too uppity. This, all while sidestepping attempts from Simpson and his military black-ops buddies to kill Kilgrave once and for all. But spending time with Kilgrave peels back some layers of his history and the treatments he endured at the hands of his scientist parents,through video footage stored on Reva Conners’ flash drive, intended for Luke. The experiments he was subjected to, and that also gave him his powers, were horrific, even more so for a young ten year old boy, but more so Jessica discovers that a possible reason for his deluded and greedy perceptions of good and evil were because he was never raised to tell the difference, and only grew up alone, getting what he wanted by merely saying it.

Hoping she might be able to guide Kilgrave to use his powers for good, Jessica brings him to the scene of a hostage situation; an anguished man holds his family at gunpoint in their home while the police try to speak with him from the outside. They sneak their way in, Kilgrave ordering several officers to let them pass, allowing Kilgrave the opportunity to order him not to shoot and let the family go. But one act of good doesn’t sink in for Kilgrave as he then nearly commands the man to blow his own brains out, the choice he genuinely sees as the right one, until Jessica tells him otherwise. She realizes that the only way to ensure he reformed himself and used his powers for the greater good, would be for her, and only her, to steer him in that direction, giving up her life to be with him, a man she truly despises, and even then, his intentions would always be questionable. She decides that’s not a way to go, and once again prepares to capture Kilgrave.

While given further insight into Kilgrave’s motivations, we’re also given a look into his own origin story. The flash drive he killed Reva for (and furthermore blames Jessica for her death, not himself) contains video recordings of the experiments he went through, as well as other unknown files. Why did Reva have this? Were these experiments the same that Luke went through to gain unbreakable skin?

Kilgrave may be the most vile villain Marvel has introduced into this universe, film or TV. He knows no real ambitions of world dominations , or a vendetta to destroy the Avengers. He is purely a sick man with the powers to force others to act out his twisted fantasies. With Jessica, alone, he has kidnapped, raped, and forced her to commit murder, and these are only the things we know of. What else did he force Jessica to do, and what did he force others to do? Not only did Kilgrave violate Jessica in the year they spent together, but he manages to go a step further and violate her very past, her childhood home. Once, a haven to think back on when she needed to retreat, now tainted by his presence in every room of that house.


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