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I think Batman V Superman = Religion(god) V Reality(the human) . Superman gives hope to his people , giving them a god figure (or a father figure) that defends them . Batman does not like this idea because think about the wars that are going on right (MERICA V ISIS) , yea both are because of our religion and god . They both think they are doing the right thing by following their god but they are really not (im atheist). Batman thinks that superman is able to brain wash people to follow him and BATMAN thinks that once superman disagrees with something that isn't necessarily wrong he will be destroy the enemy with no problem , but Batman likes to understand the enemy (we at least earlier version of him) and that may be why he dosent kill( in ealier versions ) because he sees the joker as sick and a psychopath that needs mental help , and he sees luthor as another BATMAN that does not trust the god and wants to keep humanity safe . Superman turn opinion into fact because he is a God and batman questions everything . ( i am not saying batman is part of ISIS )Batman has seen that people prey in Gotham , yet still dies . Sry for bad grammar , i am a 12 year old boy named Isaac , please don't copyright . 


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