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LUCKY STRIKE FILMS is ‎an independent film company that many struggling indie filmmakers call home. The founder, Romane Simon, has been quoted saying “If you’re struggling to make a film, bring it home to Lucky Strike films. With just 15k we provide actors, crew, location, marketing, promotion, and festivals. We will help you make it happen. As they say, alone we fall, together we stand. So let’s stand together to create projects.”

The studio has many films in pre-production for this year such as Voodoo Retribution, The cost of Vengeance, Dancing at Dawn and Love or lies to name a few.

They have just finished a feature film entitled Life of Gia, which is about a young girl who lost her parents and must take care of herself and her dying grandmother.

Lucky Strike films have recently started a feature film called Red to Black The Power of Love, which is based on a novel by Romane Simon and is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Nobles.

The success at Lucky Strike films is due to their simple intentions. They just want to create a high quality project while telling a story through moving pictures.


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