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Tom Curry- Thomas Jane - Tom Curry is a lighthouse keeper in Amnesty Bay, former ship captain and the father of Aquaman. In my Story Tom is the Foster Father not Biological Father.

Atlanna - Gillian Anderson - The Atlantean mother of Aquaman. Though her role changes depending on the continuity, she is most commonly depicted as the Queen/Princess of Atlantis who falls in love with a lonely lighthouse Keeper. She had Aquaman with Atlan but had to leave her to Tom because of "Curse of Kordax".

Black Manta - Wisely Snipes- A notorious pirate and assassin, Black Manta is one of the most ruthless and feared super villains on Earth, and Aquaman's mortal enemy. Initially with a group of Pirates under Fisherman but later evolved into Manta. He's an opportunist.

Orm - Josh Harnnet - The half-brother of Aquaman, also known by his given name of Orm. Although his origin has been retconned multiple times, he is frequently depicted as wanting to take his brother's place as the king of Atlantis. He's manipulated by Manta and fight with Dead King due to his Greed.

The dead King - Tim Robbins - The first King of Atlantis who was overthrown by his brother Orin, Aquaman's ancestor. A Legend of Atlantis who was decieved by Orin, the forefather of Aquaman.

Fisherman - Woody Harrelson - Enemy of Aquaman who wears a specially pressurised suit with a recyclable air supply enabling him to survive in the depths of the ocean. His main weapon is a Titanium steel fishing rod. A pirate with Modern Suits and searching for Atlantic Artifacts. Later hold a war front with The dead king.

Vulko - John Goodman - Vulko is one of Aquaman's closest allies. He is also one of Aquaman's mentors. Will be a warrior in the last fight.

King Shark -Deboia Oparei - The leader of shark forces and work with Fisherman.

Charybdis - Patrick Dempsey - Villain best known for making Aquaman lose his hand. He'll hold the Dead King's Xebellion forces against Aquaman.

Dolphin - Astrid Berges Frisbey - Dolphin is Garth's wife and the mother of his child.

Tempest - Taylor Lautner - Tempest (formerly Aqualad) was Aquaman's sidekick, founding member of the Teen Titans and a resident of Atlantis. He is the second physically strongest Atlantean.

Kaldur'sAhm - Kofi Siriboe - Garth's successor, Kaldur'ahm (Jackson Hyde) is the son of Black Manta. Kaldur has the unique ability to construct hard objects and weaponry from water such as a sword and mace.

Mera/Hera/Siren - Amber Heard - Twin Sisters. One is good other is bad. Green one is the wife of Aquaman.

The Others - A mysterious group of heroes that Aquaman was once part of and all of whom are humans that wield the legendary Atlantean artifacts. In this version they are the Royal guards of Atlanna.

Kahina - OOna chaplin -A member of the Others who has the ability to see the future. She has Seal of Clarity.

Ya'Wara - Nathalie emmanuel - Jaguar Goddess of the Amazon, Ya'Wara is protector of the rainforests and their inhabitants. She has Atlantean Globe

Prisoner of War - Justin Bratha - is a war veteran who gained powers from the deaths of his comrades and hides his face because of it. He has Atlantean Manacles

Vostok X - Michael Cudlitz - Genetically designed to be the perfect Russian cosmonaut, Vostok-X is a former member of The Others, the first super hero group Aquaman belonged to. He has Atlantean Helm.

The Operative - Shane Balck - The only member of The Others who never went into hiding, the Operative has deep connections with nearly all government agencies. He has The Key.

Storyline - Remember its just a Synopsis and i tried to explain every twist and turn with proper reasons.

Kahina warned Atlanna about the future and a War under the Real king of Atlantis against her. She also mentioned that Aquaman will die.

Atlanna visit Xebel and tell everything to Mera. Also About the truth of Aquaman's birth, He's not the son of Tom but an ancient wizard Atlan.

Meanwhile Dolphin, Kaldur'ahm and Tempest stop the forces of Pirates to kidnap Atlantian for their value in Black markets. A struggle with Fisherman's pirates lead the serious injuries to Kaldur and they take him on their ship Black Manta, to his lead scientist David. This pirates have some Alantian connections Like King Shark and Charybdis.

Tempest and Dolphin told everything to Orm and Aquaman. They stop Fisherman and Bring everyone back but Fisherman escaped. Suddenly Orm decided to kill everyone before they reveal the real connection behind King Shark and Charybdis.

A doctor request to forgive him and according to him Fisherman Kidnapped him also. He promise to bring Kaldur back. Orm send to development center of Atlantis and banished from the army general. Aquaman become the new Army general.

The scientist named David reveal a suit to Orm with special powers while saying' "Sir you look like a king" when orm asked him "Are you really a Scientist because you doesn't look like the one."

One day Scientist Transmit some signals to Fisherman and Killed Kahina when she warned David. Death of Kahina put blame upon Orm and he has to run from Atlantis and join the hands with Charybdis and Fisherman. Orm consider this Authur's plan to keep him away from throne. Charybdis tell Orm that he has someone his own inside Atlantis but refuse to tell him the name.

Orm and Charybdis start their expedition to Antarctica to wake up the real King "The Dead King". Dead King come to Xebel and people of Xebel accept him when he tell them how Aquaman's and Atlanna's family betrayed him during a war and how those people are responsible for the situation of Xebel in the past. Xebel forces put Mera and Atlanna behind bars.

Dead king Kills "Prisoner of War" and take his power to talk with dead. Dead king also rise his forces of Dead Creatures under the Sea bed. Xebel army and Pirates Army come under the command of Orm and Fisherman. Shark Army under the Command of Charybdis and King Shark. The army of Dead under Dead King.

Aquaman also starts to prepare for war. Meanwhile Atlanna and Mera escaped from Xebel by the help of some Xebel loyals. In the final battle Aquaman Bring Wonder Woman and Flash for holding war fronts.

Atlanna(with Atlans magic) + Wonder Woman + Ya'wara + Mera + Xebel Royals "Vs" Dead king and the Army of dead.

Flash + Black Manta (Under his suit) + Vortex+ Kalhur'ahm + Army of Atlantis "VS" Xebelian Army + Pirate Army under Orm + Fisherman Biotonic solider.

Aquaman + Vulko + Aqualad + Dolphin + Mystical Creatures of sea "VS" Charybdis + King shark Army

Here Aquaman looses his hands.

Aquaman started using his trident by forcing it inside his hand. In the end he kills Charybdis and starts his final fight against Dead king.

Dead king bring Atlanna's dead corpse against Aquaman, means Atlanna is Dead now. Dead king told Aquaman that he's not the son of Tom Curry but Atlan and how he made his mother"Grand daughter of Dead king- Atlanna" to fall in love with Atlan for a night which brings Aquaman. Although her mother never told her but Atlan give him the power to be at two portals at once for a night. That's why Aquaman's forefathers banished him from the throne.

At last flash and Ya'wara created a portal for some other dimensions and send Dead king in there once again by tricking him. He made Xebel army to fall upon his knees in front of him forcefully(Badass......Fuck Democracy).

Aquaman decide to kill Orm but Black Manta and Vulko send him behind the bars. One day a warrior in Black suit come to visit Orm who fought against him in the War. Warrior remove the mask and its MANTA. Orm is shocked and ask the reason behind all this.

Black Manta Smiles "Future sir......I have seen the Future". Manta give Kahina's Artifact to Orm and Orm smiles while holding it like he'as seen the future also.

In the end Aquaman is talking with her Mother using the Artifact of Prisoner of War.


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