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Most people think that money is the solution to all their problems. But surely that would mean that rich people don’t have problems? That they don’t feel insecure, unloved and lack self confidence at times.

Take the case of Romane Simon who was born to one of the richest families in Haiti in September of 1984. At the tender age of 5 Romane was forced into the military to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather François C. Antoine Simon (aka Antoine Simon) who was the president of Haiti and leader of the army. He led a rebellion against Pierre Nord Alexis and succeeded him as president.

Romane’s childhood was stolen from him. Whilst normal 5 year olds played with Legos and colouring books he was forced to learn to fight for his country.

All he ever wanted to do was to be an entertainer but alas his dreams were squashed and his future decided by his strict family. However, Romane was always a strong believer in fighting for something that you love no matter what difficult choices you have to make.

His determination and love for film making led him on a truly difficult and challenging path to fame. He left all that he had behind in Haiti and moved to the US with nothing. After graduating film school he moved to Florida to work on Indie films. Once he realised he was destined for more he relocated to Hollywood and ended up working with some of the top studios there whilst he slaved to further his solo career.

Romane never gave up hope. He had a dream and he worked hard to make his dream a reality. He used his trials and tribulations as stepping stones to success. He is not ashamed from where he comes from or of the circumstances he has been through, because all of this makes him the truly inspirational person he is today.

Red to black Written by Romane simon now on amazon
Red to black Written by Romane simon now on amazon


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