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News just broke from the Hollywood Reporter, that both Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Studios are currently in a bidding war over the rights to a Live-action Pokemon film. The Pokemon franchise has amassed television series, animated movies, and all kinds of Pokemon related memorabilia; the final place for the Pokemon franchise to explore is in a live action adaptation of the original series.

Based off the hit Nintendo game, Pokemon is now in line to become a live action feature. There are currently no plans for the film as of yet, but the bidding over property rights between studios means that a project is likely to go into development very soon. Even with that small amount of information, any fan of the Pokemon franchise will be excited to hear that a live-action adaptation for Pokemon is in the works. Though how it will play out on the big screen is unknown. Most likely, the film will be filled with heavy-CGI, along with practical effects to emphasize the battle scenes. But regardless of status on production of the film. The mere noting of several movie studios fighting over the property rights to a live-action Pokemon film says that there is a plan in place, and soon we might just hear of how either Legendary Pictures or Warner Bros. Studios is putting together the Live-action Pokemon feature.

The direction of the feature brought to life on the big screen will be an interesting aspect to consider as well. As to what casting choices will be made for the main lineup of characters, and how will the aspect of Pokemon will play into the live action adaptation are up for debate. Pokemon are going to be a focal point of the film regardless, but as to how many Pokemon will be featured in the film , and how in-depth the development for those Pokemon will be are some interesting topics to discuss. The film could be shot to see Ash once again become a Pokemon trainer for the first time, or he could be well on his way to the Pokemon League when we first get a glimpse of him. Best scenario for the live action adaptation to take place would be to see Ash, Misty, and Brock begin their journey of exploration into the world of Pokemon. It would also be interesting to see if the Pokemon world will already have been established, or if the main characters will be thrown into the world of Pokemon before the existence of Pokemon is acknowledged by everyday society. There are a lot of different aspects to consider when it comes to adapting Pokemon to a live action feature. The plot for the film could turn in many different directions, the film could be set in a place and time where Pokemon have an active role in society, or Pokemon could be specifically used as instruments to fight with in which case we'd only see them when the human characters in the film come into conflict with potential adversaries; that theory might work well with heavy CGI effects being necessary for every scene with Pokemon in it. Which would call for Pokemon to be a limited element in the film. However, it is likely that regardless of the production costs on the CGI work, there'll be a substantial amount of Pokemon in the film. A Pokemon-centric film is going to need to be filled to the brim with all sorts of Pokemon, and fans are going to want to see some of their favorite Pokemon in everyday situations, from helping construction workers to providing first-aid to injured laborers on duty. In that formula, it spells success for a live-action adaptation of Pokemon.

Are you excited to hear about Pokemon coming to the big screen? And do you think it will be a success? Or another failure to bring a video game property to life in a poor delivery? Leave your thoughts below.

Update: Along with news of a potential Live-Action Pokemon feature in the works, some fans from Ideas by Hollywood, have gone on to make a fan-made teaser of what the film could look like. And I have to say that it is quite impressive for a fan-made trailer. You can view it below if interested. To reiterate, a fan-made teaser trailer is embed below. And the link can be found at IGN, if you can't view the video embed below. Enjoy.


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