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"Game of Thrones" has been known for long-form storytelling in the way that they have hour long episodes. While up until this point every season has had 10 episodes, it is not being reported that the next 2 seasons (which will conclude this HBO television series) will only max out at 6 or 7 episodes each. Variety reports that there may be only 13 episodes in total for the next 2 seasons:

While I personally like this idea (which I may get hate for), I do think 13 episodes for 2 seasons is a bit too large of a drop. I absolutely love "Game of Thrones" and continue to watch every episode, so do not get me wrong here. The writers have always kept a concise story that begins and concludes with a cliffhanger in each season, but having 6 or 7 episodes instead of 10 may benefit the show. Whether or not you think the show is great, I think it is agreeable that it sometimes focusses on the little things too much, moving at a snails pace throughout some scenes. I think shortening the episodes will make for much tighter storytelling and keep fans even more engaged. How do you feel about this? Are you excited for Season 6? if you have not seen the trailer, I have linked it below:

After seeing this trailer, it is safe to say that the yearly hype for this show has begun once again. "Game of Thrones: Season 6" premiere's April 24th, 2016.

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