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Many have speculated over which Walking Dead good guy got up close and personal with Lucille, Negan's barbed-wire-laced baseball bat. Most signs point to Glenn, who suffered a similar fate in the comics when Rick's crew first encountered Negan and his Saviors. He made an example out of Glenn by pounding his head over and over again until the pizza boy was left unrecognizable.

So it's a no-brainer, right? Rick and co. are currently making funeral arrangements for Glenn, and all Walking Dead fans are invited to pay their respects on October 9 during the Season 7 premiere on AMC — right?

Apparently it's not that simple.

The writers of The Walking Dead TV series have honored the comics in the past, but have also taken creative liberties to establish their own universe. Although we could see events play out like they did in the comic book, the producers and writers on the show will sometimes switch out the characters to keep the audience guessing.

Not everything plays out in the TV series like it did in the comic books. For example, a defining moment on the page was when Rick's hand went M.I.A. during a misunderstanding with the Governor. Fans waited patiently to watch this storyline unfurl on the television show, but instead Merle Dixon's character was the one to give the finger (or several) to fan service.

A huge difference between the comics and Season 6 was the arrow through the eye fatality, courtesy of Dwight (the Savior with the Harvey Dent facial features). Abraham's pupil intercepted the arrow in the comics, while Denise's eyeball caught the arrow in the television series.

Another example of the differences in the comic vs TV is Judith Grimes. No comic book reader ever expected Judith to make it out of the prison alive following her gory death scene in the comics, but nevertheless she's still alive and kicking in the televised version of the zombie apocalypse.

Lastly, Carol's stone-cold killer persona is the exact opposite from her scarlet woman next door character in the comics.

The point is, just because it happens in the comics, doesn't mean it will play out the exact same way in the show. But we can expect Glenn's headless fate from the comic book to manifest on screen through either the man himself or perhaps two other characters in the TV series.

So here are the top three characters Negan more than likely put six feet under during The Walking Dead finale:

My fingers are crossed that Glenn will live to see another day. This past season alone he's proved to be a master escape artist, cheating death and dodging walkers by hiding under a dumpster. But I've made up my mind that I will stoically live with whoever it is that was chosen by Negan in his malicious game of Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

What about you, whose skull do you think Lucille collided with on The Walking Dead's season finale?


Who do you think Negan killed?


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