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1. Texas: This GTA 6 location should be number 1. Why? Because Texas is one of the biggest states in the U.S and I believe it would make a great location to roam around and have some fun in!

2. Florida: Miami Florida is one of the most gorgeous city's in America and its a great place to go to the beach, explore the city and have great time with friends (:

3: London: let's try something that's not in America, London is a unique place to go around with helicopters and go on Big Ben and just explore all the wonderful places that London has to offer us

4: New York: New York is one of the most busiest city's in the world and I think that New York is a wonderful place to go around and make it your city by robbing banks, doing heist and just own the place!

5: California: we know gta has already done California city's but I mean who wouldn't California is one of the most gorgeous city's in the world, it would be a great place to have in GTA 6

Write what city's you would want to see on GTA 6 (:



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