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  • Characters: The Flash/Barry Allen, Zoom/Eobard Thawne, Iris West, Detective Joe West, Cisco Ramon, Henry Allen, Nora Allen, Professor S. Wilson, Colonel Toomes, Jet, Captain Boomerang/Digger Harkness, Brainiac, The Spectre, and Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Plot: Barry Allen was in Gotham and had stolen extremely dangerous chemicals from Ace Chemicals. One in particular, The Bolt. The highest form of sustainable energy on earth. After spilling these chemicals and The Bolt on him during a stormy night, he was struck by lightning and was given incredible powers. He gained superspeed. Not just the ability to run fast, but to walk, jump, fight, heal, and even think faster than anybody. He can also manipulate metal. And last but not least he is the most powerful human ever, with the ability to throw lightning, or charge any electrical item at any given time, he is now technicallya human battery.

His best friend Eobard Thawne who is obsessed with The Flash, comes home after 9 years because of the new hero. Eobard was diagnosed with cancer, and tries to get close enough to The Flash to take his blood for the healing cells to kill off the cancer cells. When he learns that Barry is The Flash he becomes outraged, he takes an antidote to hold off the cancer, and also takes his blood from a laboratory because Barry was experimentin on himself. Well after he injects the blood into himself let's just say things don't go so well. The blood has strange powers so it doesn't mix well with the antidote he had taken before. It turned him into an abomination, with powers greater than The Flash. He is faster than The Flash at anything, he can fly, he has telekinesis. He is truly the fastest man alive. Calling himself, Zoom. Zoom plans to run the opposite direction of earth's spin rotation and go back in time to kill Barry's mother and kick off the never ending time cycle of The Flash. But Barry is right on his tail and is actually shown that he is the one that killed his own mother. Zoom and The Flash not only race across the world but against time as well.


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