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Nathaniel Rego

The 100 has been renewed for a 4th season despite not doing well in seasons 1-3. The 4th season is set 2 years after the events of season 3 and Clark has gone rogue since then. The 100: Season 4 premieres fall 2016 on CW.

Eliza Clark (The 100) debuts in the upcoming 5th season of Arrow as Queen Bee swarming throughout Starling City. Taylor as Queen Bee buzzes around HDTV screens entirely in Arrow: Season 5, premiering fall 2016 on CW.

In next week's first season finale of Supergirl (CBS), Supergirl takes on a mind controlled Alex in Kryptonite embalmed armor and arsenal as well as Indigo, Non, and their alien associate, Starro the Conqueror (Ben Kingsley) (The Jungle Book/Exodus/Iron Man 3). Supergirl has to break their mind control curse upon National City by defeating Alex in epic battle.

The deadly trio of super villains will also have to face the heroic wrath of Superman (Henry Calvin) (Man of Steel) and Martian Manhunter whose survived Indigo's attack in the previous episode. 3 heroes against 3 villains and Kara Danvers' sister under mind control.

Supergirl saves the world in the first season finale of Supergirl Monday at 8pm on CBS.


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