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Denise Burger

This year at the Academy Country of Music awards was pretty amazing.

Are wonderful hosts Luke Bryan and Diereks Bentley we're awesome. Today though I want to talk about how everyone showed total respect for Chris Stapleton I just loved it completely it was totally outrageous. I know for a fact it blew him away. I wanted to say Congratulations to our new country male artist of the year, Album of the year, also for your song " Nobody to blame". This was an absolute hard working year for that paid off in the end. Also for everyone else who won this year was awesome for all of my favorite country music stars.

This year we have lost Joey Fleek, known as Joey and Rory one of our favorite duo's of all time. I have been listening to these two since they started singing together when I found out about Joey becoming sick and then how she passed away it broke my heart into a million pieces because I know how it is like loosing a family member it is something that you can and will never get over. They loved each other with every inch of their heart also their little girls. Here is a video I posted below of Joey and Rory's last video they made together! If you never heard of them then your welcome! I broke you into true country music and love at the same time!

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