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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently announced that that we would have a Captain Marvel casting reveal in the near future. This movie, currently set to be released March 2019, is a big one for Marvel, considering it will be the studio's first purely heroine-led film. Of the names being batted around online, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain or Charlize Theron are some of the most prevalent, each for good reason. Any of these choices would be great, but in the interest of discussion I came up with six potentials who are a little more out there. Some of them may seem obvious, some less so, but that's the fun of speculation.

(Not necessarily in any meaningful order)

5. Caity Lotz

A DC alumni, Caity Lotz is a former player on Arrow and current star on spin-off DC's Legends of Tomorrow. She's generally killed it as the Canary, both Black and White and becoming well-received enough on Arrow that she was brought back from being written off in order to help headline the spin-off show. Legends has been an uneven run so far, but Lotz has been one of the consistent highlights. Captain Marvel is an obviously physical character, someone who can go head-to-head with Marvel's greatest fighters, and Lotz has that physical presence down. Originally trained as a dancer and having once considered a career as a stunt-woman, she's extremely experienced in free running, martial arts and fight choreography. There's a reason she does all of her own fight scenes, only excepting the usual stunts that actors aren't really allowed to do for insurance and time purposes.

4. Gwendoline Christie

Brienne of Tarth is a fairly obvious choice but still a valid one. In Game of Thrones, Christie has been stand-out in her performance as Brienne, a knight in all but name in a world that normally doesn't allow for woman such as her to exist. Beyond being a physical bad-ass capable of facing down some of the show's most experience and deadly warriors, Christie brings depth to the character. Loyal to a fault and determined in her duty, Christie's Brienne is also paradoxically vulnerable, aware that she's an anomaly in this world and unsure of how to fit in. Having recently turned in a performance as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and expected to return for the next in the series, Christie is a recognizable enough name and proven to have the chops for such a role.

3. Anna Torv

This one's a little more out there. Torv's most recognizable role is from FOX's Fringe, a show that spent years skirting on the edge of cancellation. Ambitious to a fault, Fringe never shied away from a challenge and offered Torv the chance to show just what an actress she could be. From the get-go, she was always physically believable as FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, capable of dealing with whatever level of crazy was thrown at her. She initially received criticism for a 'wooden' performance, for which the writers took the blame and then gave Torv the material to prove just how wrong the critics were. The addition of parallel universes within the story meant Torv was playing not just Olivia Dunham, but multiple versions, all with different personalities, habits and mannerisms, She played off of herself masterfully, making it easy to forget that there was only one actress at play. She even portrayed a version of the character as possessed by Leonard Nemoy, capturing his unique identity perfectly. Torv not only looks the part, but she is more than capable of the range to bring the character to life.

2. Yvonne Strahovski

Just like the previous entrant, Strahovski spent five years on a show that battled the cancellation bear for almost its entire run, but fan demand ensured Chuck, and Strahovski with it, continued on. Sarah Walker started out as a simple character, the attractive blonde CIA agent assigned to guide and protect protagonist Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi). In terms of physicality, she came out of the gate swinging, proving that she is absolutely the main action star of the show. It didn't matter how big they were, she brought them down. But as the show went on, Strahovski elevated the character to levels beyond this simple starting point. It's a deliberately slow process as we watch the character unfold. Her relationship with Chuck is arguably the emotional hook of the show, but it only works because of the emotional honesty and humanity she brings to the character. Strahovski has since gone on to well-received appearances on multiple shows, including Dexter and 24 and a cinematic release in I, Frankenstein. She's at just the right balance of recognizable but still unknown enough to surprise an audience.

1. Katheryn Winnick

Who's the most baddass warrior woman on small screens right now? The right answer here is Lagertha, wife to Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and a true warrior in her own right on History's Vikings. Winnick has a fierce intensity that makes her captivating as the brave and formidable Shieldmaiden. Winnick has studied martial arts since a young age, gaining her first black belt at age 13 and going on to study at three martial arts schools. Simply put, she knows how to kick most of our asses and could easily hold her own against the MCU's heaviest hitters. She's a relative unknown in comparison to some of the other names floating about, but still Winnick has become one of the most popular online choices for Captain Marvel. She fits the part damn near perfectly, the only drawback being her lack of big screen experience.

(Honorary Mention) Adrienne Palecki

Palecki has to get a mention in, even if it's pretty much the only one on the list that is guaranteed to never happen. In 2011, she was almost Wonder Woman, starring as the character in a passed-on pilot, but more recently she has already joined the MCU as Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird, a SHIELD agent in the vein of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. She was quickly promoted to series regular on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and is currently set to be the lead in spin-off Marvel's Most Wanted. So yeah, unfortunately Palecki is already an in-universe character and most likely off the table. Who knows, maybe Most Wanted could end with Mockingbird simply gaining powers and becoming Captain Marvel?

Who did I miss? Who do you think would surprise audiences as Carol Danvers?


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