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Pixar fanatic Jon Negroni has released five famous theories: the Pixar Theory, Parts 2 and 3, the Andy's mom theory and the one you are about to hear about. Also, I won't hit four posts this week because in case you didn't know, when I'm not writing, I'm an entertainer and I've been practicing.

Here's the theory...

In the Toy Story movies, Andy is shown to have a mother. And on a side note, if you haven't noticed, Andy's mom is the true villain of the series; she made Andy only bring one toy to Pizza Planet in the first movie, which leads to Woody overreacting, she kidnapped Wheezy and tried to sell him in the yard sale which led to Al finding Woody and kidnapping him.

And in Toy Story 3, she accidentally puts the toys on the curb, which led to the toys thinking Andy didn't want them. Then she sent them to Sunnyside Daycare. So you tell me, who was the real villain?

OK, OK. I digress.

But where's Andy's dad in all this? Where's he? Well, the theory states that Andy's dad left the family and there is proof of this.

First off...

Andy's dad isn't dead. Look at this picture from Toy Story:

There are no pictures of Andy's dad and if he had died, then the Davis family would likely have just left up a picture of him for memory's sake. And he had to have been with them recently because Andy's sister, Molly, is a baby. He had to have been there in order for her to exist. That's just what the theory said. I don't know why the dad has to be there with the mom to give birth. I don't take health class.

And at Andy's party, you'll see that Andy's mom doesn't have a wedding ring on her finger.

To add on, the family is moving in the first film, which is something a divorced mother would likely do to forget about her husband. The house she moves into is a smaller house because she wouldn't have any second income coming in.

Jonathan Carlin of the SuperCarlinBrothers also bought up the interesting point that on her bookshelf, you'll see this book:

The book is titled, "Women and Power" which is something that a mother might read shortly after a divorce. So...Andy's dad definitely walked out on them.

And that's the theory!

There is also more to the theory and you can watch that in this video:


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