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Nikodim Trashkov

BBC and AMC have really spared no expense when it comes to this show because the sets and locations are just stunning. The second the show started I was already captivated and that mostly goes to the excellent title sequence.

The show is based on John le Carré's book of the same name. Although I have not read the book I know that the show was reworked and updated to modern day. The story goes like this. Jonathan pine is the night manager of an Egyptian hotel and is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate an international arms dealer's network after he is given incriminating documents. The idea itself has been done before many times before but here it shines with the chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie accompanied by all the glamour and locations.

Hugh Laurie here is kind of reminiscent of House and I think more American audiences will enjoy seeing that. Other actors like Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki are so good in this especially Tom Hollander. I would not go as far as say he stole every scene he was in but he got very close. Tom Hiddleston after this would be and excellent Bond if he hits the gym. He has has the charisma and the intensity. This show very much feels like a James Bond movie only without all the gadgets and stuff. It has beautiful exotic locations, English cars, English actors, Jonathan Pine fucks a lot of women oh and spies.

Huge Laurie as Dr House.
Huge Laurie as Dr House.

The down sides are minor but I did not really like the directing or the editing all that much. In a lot of scenes there are wired cuts and weird close ups that feel out of place. I suppose you could say it's to add intensity but it doesn't. It might be just me but I thought it was kind of annoying. In some moments they reuse shots I mean come on now that is just Michael Bay lazy and it's so obvious as well. There is also some fucked up continuity like Tom Hiddlestion goes into a pool and gets his pants wet and in the next scene they are dry. It's the little things like that that take you out. It does not take away from the overall experience but it is worth mentioning. Over all it's a pretty great show that I would recommend. It is only six episodes but it is quite a enjoyable ride.


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