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'Kroll Show' premiered in 2013 to a fair amount of hype due to Nick Kroll's popularity as Rodney Ruxin on 'The League,' but the sketch comedy series was met with mixed reviews and only lasted three seasons. Like most people, I gave up on the series after an episode or two when it first came out, however with the magic of Hulu, I was able to watch the entire series, and now I believe 'Kroll Show' is truly not that bad. At times it's actually quite funny.

I realize this is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, based on the Metacritic comments like:


Kroll rules on The League, which is why I couldn't wait to watch him on his own show. I made it through the halfway point of one episode and I was stunned - it's just really, really bad. It's as bad as The League is good. I don't know if he has bad writers on this show helping him, something is just really wrong here. There is just nothing funny going on. It was hard to watch.

Hoostko -

I do not understand how anyone can stand this guy. He's incredibly annoying on the league and 10x more annoying in this show. The characters are unbearable, unfunny, and I can not wrap my head around how this show is approved for a second season when so many other great shows get canceled.

Since I was once one of the people who thought this show was terrible, I'm hopeful that I can change a few minds. One of the best parts about the show is watching the characters, ridiculous as they may be, develop over multiple episodes, often intermingling between different sketch plot-lines. I believe this is one of the main reasons the show failed to catch on while other sketch comedies that do one-and-done sketches (Key & Peele) tend to be more successful. By continuing the plot lines for various characters, like Bobby Bottleservice, Ref Jeff, Big Liz, and others, the show makes it difficult to watch random episodes on TV out of order. 'Kroll Show' mixes these recurring sketches with one-and-done sketches that are often quite funny and creative. Here are some of my favorite recurring sketches from the series that I hope will give you a reason to give this overlooked TV series another try.

Top Running Sketches on 'Kroll Show'

'Too Much Tuna'

'Wheels Ontario'

'The Legend of Young Larry Bird'

'Ref Jeff'


'Pony Tales'

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